June 29, 2010

The Girl Cave

I recently saw a picture of some girly beautiful wallpaper and thought, that would never be allowed in our household (the hubs would veto it right away). But then started to think- boys get their own 'man caves' why can't we have our 'girl caves'?!

What I'd feature in my Girl Cave...

1. Gift Wrapping Section- obviously.2. Scrapbooking area: because in the girl cave I'd have the patience to actually mark down any experiences instead of throwing them all via digi pics onto Flickr and Facebook!3. Totally setting myself back 50 years, but I'd LOVE to put a laundry room section in my girl cave. Ironing is the most relaxing thing ever. And being slightly OCD, I heart crisp clean clothes.4. I'd like the hot pink couches from RHWONY for Rocco and Lexie to hang out on (Rocco would be allowed in cos he's a mama's boy anyways)5. Speaking of.. I'd have one TV that loops RHW all day long. And on one of the other TV's, HGTV looping all day with no commercials, and you had the option to press a button for each show and it'd go straight to the 'reveal!'

6. Bookshelves, but instead of books, it would be all magazines in Mint Condition, because all of the books I'd need are on the Kindle or iPad.
7. Docking station - because I am only happy when all of my gadgets are at 100%.
8. A full mannequin so I could put together my outfits before going out.

9. A giant wall to showcase all of my shoes and bags.
10. Full time security to leave all of my jewelry out on display.

11. A Makeup Vanity table set up exactly like a MAC Store
12. A Mani Pedi Station so I wouldn't have to drive somewhere to get my nails did... the colors might be a little more JQ Loungeish though

12. And lastly, a Ping Pong Table - although its a Woman Cave, one must have ping pong.

What would you have in YOUR girl cave?

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Bex said...

a friend of mine calls it her "Lady Cave" which sounds funnier and dirtier...fab ideas though!!

weezermonkey said...

I want a huge computer command center, karaoke machine, four flatscreen TVs, and this.

I don't wrap or scrapbook. :P

Yummy Mummy said...

Change HGTV, for Sex and The City, and throw in a computer station that streams by facebook timeline on the wall and I'm totally there. I think I would have to nix the ping pong table, perhaps a starbucks station insead? Flying balls + me = absolute disaster.... just ask my 12 year old self where her front tooth went!

this was too funny btw!

Alicia said...

My girl cave would have a little zen nook for yoga, a kitchenaid stand mixer, and an updated easy-bake oven...so I can make cookies when my gf's come to visit.

Love the mani-pedi station and magazines!

Christina Feeney said...

Amazing! I'd have a galley kitchen with top of the line appliances & a fridge/pantry stocked with fresh ingredients every day,a flat screen TV to watch Sex & The City Marathons and a masseuse :)

emily said...

oh, my goodness. i love this concept!

i've been trying to decorate my boyfriend and my shared beach cottage for about 6 months. i've been really afraid of introducing anything too "girlie" because i don't want him to recoil in horror. i'm not a glitter-and-pink kind of girl, but i am a little nervous about approaching him with my tearsheets from the sadly-defunct "domino".

Katelin said...

um can i just take your girl cave instead? i mean i don't think i'd need anything else. well maybe get rid of the ironing stuff because i never iron, haha. but other than that, we're twins!

thatShortChick said...

love this idea! I would definitely want a manicure/pedicure station with a TV streaming nonstop Glee episodes, a closet set up exactly like Mariah Carey (re: her cribs episode), and a kitchen with a personal chef.

We Are Not Martha said...

Ummm, can I please move in??? A gift wrapping station would make life SO much easier!! As would a laundry area... and that one is SO pretty looking (I love doing laundry too... except if I have to walk up and down 8 flights of stairs).

ALSO, I love the idea of a "Reveal" button on the TV and mannequins!! Basically, you should be an interior designer.

The end.


maiah said...

Oh my goodness, I just love, love, loved this post! How fun - I'm going to start planning my future girl cave immediately :)

Susan said...

You thought of everything! I'd invent something that can do my laundry with minimal effort. And hire someone to iron because I hate it.

crystal blake said...

Ahhh...the Chick Cave. I definitely would have a mannequin--I so want the hot pink and silver ones at Forever 21. The mani-pedi, make-up station, and closet would be at the top of my list, too. And of course a personal baker where delicous cupcakes would be at my disposal. Great post!