June 17, 2010

Just don't hand me a tambourine..

This past weekend we flew up to Buffalo to an amazing wedding for our friends Lauren & Henry. Now these two were part of our college crew, just 2 of 6 of us that ended up moving to Boston and living minutes away from each other, continuing the fun times every weekend (just not broke in a Basement Campus Apartment). They started off as singles that I swear always had a super secret crush on one another, hanging out with ToughGuy & I, and Gennylite & Nals (names have been altered, duh) = 2 annoyingly cute college sweetheart couples.

Pic from a weekend getaway to VT maybe '06?And then after a great friendship, what do you know.. they started to date! I could not have written a better storybook ending when they got engaged a couple years later right before our big vacation to Aruba!

The wedding day called for scattered T-Storms (a bride's worst fear) but as luck would have it, it was sunny and hot out all day. And in a twist - it poured for 2 minutes during their dinner when everyone was already inside eating.. and it was dry about 10 minutes after that!

ToughGuy and I got to walk down the aisle as Bridesmaid and Groomsman :) Yep you can finally see that he is exactly 1 foot taller than me!

When you sit at a table with us fine RITers who haven't seen each other in awhile.. we make sure you toast at least 10 times before dinner. I'm not kidding.

I can't believe Nals & Gennylite are going to have a baby in 1.5 months!! So excited!

The bride picked out the fiercest bridesmaid dresses and hot pink shoes to match. The perfect compliment to her classic gorgeous wedding dress!
L&H had an amazing photographer, Megan Dailor, who already posted a sneak peak of pictures on her blog! If you are planning a wedding in Upstate New York, definitely check her out.

A couple of favorites featured on her blog..

How cute are they?! There is nothing more classic then a handsome guy in a tux kissing his beautiful happy bride's hand. Oh man!

Their venue was at the Park Country Club.

I think everyone should have a picture of them and their friends all jumping. This picture of us is awesome! Check out Megan's blog to see a bigger image :) I don't know how all the boys jump so high.

And the title of this post?? Welp, my husband managed to get ahold of a tambourine after an open bar and decided to have a Dance Off with some of the other groomsmen in tuxes. This dance looked less like Dancing with the Stars and more like Stifler at the Gentlemen's Club in American Pie 3 (a very underrated movie!)

Again, Megan the photographer was amazing and able to capture this...

No words. Except CONGRATS TO L&H! Have a fantastical time in St. Lucia!

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Susan said...

Yay - I met her and talked about wedding planning with her! Such pretty pictures. And Mike is exactly a foot taller than me too, sad :( Hope your car troubles are over soon.

Breathe Gently said...

That venue looks amazing !! Gorgeous shots. Wedding pictures make me excited... :D

Katelin said...

these pictures are amazing, love it and looks like it was so much fun. seriously i love weddings!

Hope said...

What a lovely wedding. Looks like you all had fun!