June 1, 2010

SATC Weekend in NYC!

It all started with a Direct Message on TwitterHmmmmm. I wondered if she was kidding or not. AngryGirlfriend aka Victoria had been one of my favs on Twitter. Sometimes she tweets and I think.. WHAT? That is SO something I would say.
So a bunch of msgs back and forth that week and a Girls Weekend in NYC had been planned!! 2 months later, I hopped on the Amtrak and hit up the Big Apple.

I'd met Internet friends in person before and have been lucky enough to adore every single one of them. First there was WeezerMonkey, then the bevy of Boston Bloggers that I've met and loved since our first Happy Hour, and now it was AngryGirlfriend.

Got into Penn Station and attempted to take the Subway to Victoria and her wonderful boyfriend's Apartment. Since I was a lost little Bostonian asking people how to get to the T, finally a girl who had the same Longchamp purse as me guided me to the right track and I was off! Few stops later, I'd made it to Wall Street and a familiar face yelled 'Julie!' She'd even brought her new little puppy Jonas to welcome me as well :)
We walked a block over to her place and I did a doubletake wondering if she is filming for the next season of Real Housewives of NYC. What a fancy apartment building.. with a doorman! (can you tell I get out much?)

Since I knew they'd toss any Red Sox presents I brought for Jonas the second I left- the gift of L.L. Bean was the best New England souvenir for a French Bulldog as cute as Jonas!The weekend was SO MUCH FUN! We brunched at Essex where having 4 mimosa each- we basically were able to catch up on both of our life stories (even though we're pretty much open books on the web already)

There was lots of walking. We walked through Chelsea, Lower East Side, Union Square, a couple blocks before Times Square (but I could see all the hoopla from a mile away). And my Tory Burch flats weren't too comfy by the end of the day. But hey, no complaining when its Fleet Week and there are Sailors everywhere!The movie was at 4:35pm and we headed there early to wait in what would be a gigantic line of SATC fans. A bunch of her friends met up with us to see the movie - so we had a great group of ladies in tow.
Let's just say, the theatre was packed and as soon as the 50 minutes of previews were over- and the movie started... you heard a bottle of champagne pop open. Since its my blog, I could have just said it was us being sassy, but I didn't even think about bringing the bubbly!

The movie was very fun and silly- and it was nice seeing Carrie and the girls on the big screen. The plot was a little whacky- I wish it was based in NYC for more of it. BUT the fashion made it all worth while. As well as the commentary from the ladies sitting in front of us.

After the movie, we walked a few (7+) blocks to a Hotel that one of the ladies said had an amazing Rooftop with a perfect view of the city. It was so worth the walk, because the view at Ink48 was gorgeous. Cosmos and movie talk. And I wanted to introduce YummyMummy and AngryGirlfriend because 1. Their Blog names are equally awesome & 2. YM was in town as well! But she caught the movie later on in the day. So ladies, I'm introducing you via the JQ Lounge.

Moral of the story: made a really good friend this weekend and I have the Internet to thank! (and Victoria too, obvs)

PS. Boston is looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Hope said...

I went to NYC this weekend too! Of course, I spent my time hanging out with a toddler and using having fake lightsaber battles. :p Next time, I'll have to figure out a way to have some cosmos.

weezermonkey said...

Soooooooooo awesome! :D

You should get, like, badges or something for meeting so many bloggers from different parts of the country!

Katelin said...

aw such a fun trip! next i vote on a LA trip, i mean really do it :)

thatShortChick said...

what a perfect girls weekend!! that shot of the city is killer!

We Are Not Martha said...

Awwww that looks like SUCH a good time!! YAY for blog friends!! :)


LiLu said...

Now THAT'S the way to do it. I wasn't a fan of the movie, but if I'd gone to it that way? Pretty sure I would have loved it :-)

Yummy Mummy said...

I'm sooooooo bummed I missed you! Next time for sure! You guys all look gorgeous! I had not idea NYC was so amazing, I absolutely should have loved there a decade ago!!!

We HAVE to get together when anygrygirlfriend makes her way up here!