June 2, 2010

Sneak Peek! Tiffany introduces exquisite Yellow Diamond Jewelry

Julie, we'd love for you to come in and get a first hand look at our Rare Yellow Diamonds Collection that is not hitting the stores until October of this year. xoxo, Tiffany & Co.It was 9am on a random workday and I pretty much almost jumped out of my chair. I asked my friends Abby & Caroline to come play dress up with gorgeous jewels the following Thursday after work at the Copley Place Tiffany & Co.

We were met by Carrie & Kevin, and taken to a private viewing area where we could check out the glamorous goods.

First up were 3 different Tiffany Bezet cushion-shaped pendant rings.

I was so jealous of Abby & Caroline and their dainty size 6 fingers!

My ring finger is a size 8, and had to play 'Fat Guy in a Little Coat' with some of the rings!

I absolutely loved the setting on this ring!! The white pave diamonds in platinum were stunning.

Its hard to choose what my favorite piece was. The 2 keys did look magnificent on each one of us! Yep, I giggled when I realized how much $$$ I had around my neck.

Only about one in 10,000 diamonds is a fancy color and very few meet Tiffany's standards. And only about one of 10,000 T&Co diamonds meet JQ Lounge's standards. Hahahaha, Just kidding. I'd pretty much treat an empty Blue Tiffany Box as a present. Which, by the way, they now make as a charm!

I loved this picture of Caroline. So ladylike.
These 18 Karat Gold elegantly contoured rings grow more luxurious with every ring! Plus I realized Yellow Diamonds make your skin automatically appear more tan..

Abby hanging out like it ain't no thing with all that bling ;)
Only the best for hydration during jewelry gazing.
Three dazzling necklaces? Three of us? Parting gift? No?

Welp, the Savings Account for T&CO has been arranged. They will be mine. Someday, they will be mine. And if they really will be yours? Contact your Tiffany Representative.

And of course we had to swing by the Tiffany Engagement Rings! Abby tried out this nice little 6 Karat Lucida Diamond!

Thank you so much to the Copley Place Tiffany & Co for letting us see your beautiful diamonds! I would definitely encourage you to stop by this location, because every single person we talked to there was charming and took great pride in sharing their wealth of knowledge in Tiffany jewelry.

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weezermonkey said...

Whose Marc Jacobs watch is that? WANT.

Susan said...

What a lovely time :)

debbieQ said...

and that name is soooo fitting!

Tiffany's is just always so classy. Whether it is vintage Tiffany or new and fabulous. I love the 1/2 dozen little pieces that I have but i could really use one of those rings.

Just a thought.
momma Q

We Are Not Martha said...

OMG drooling everywhere. I didn't know I loved yellow diamonds. Until now. And now I must have one!! Looks like a blast :)


Katelin said...

oh that looks like so much fun, i love that yellow diamond, it's gorgeous!

thatShortChick said...

loving the diamonds but I'm DYING over the marc jacobs watch. MUST HAVE.

Breathe Gently said...

Phwoar - I LOVE the yellow diamonds. And love that you got to try them on. My engagement ring is from Tiffany (not 6 carats, I'm afraid, uh, yeah right) and I also have size 8 fingers.. terrible for trying things on. Gorgeous pics!

Sam said...

OMG, I want to go to Tiffany & Co and do that! Do you have to make an appointment for that special VIP? Seems so much fun!

ibex said...

I absolutely adore those stacked yellow diamond rings. I wonder if they make them with white gold and white diamonds.