July 14, 2010


Obsessing over Naughty Betty. These brutally honest sayings are showcased on T-Shirts, Paper Goods, Magnets, Greeting Cards, etc. They even have a fun Bridal section- where each Bridesmaid has a shirt meant for her too! I wish I'd thought of all this!!

Pining for all the new shows to come back in September! They've just announced the start dates for all my favorite shows later on that month... but in the meantime, its nice to know that Big Brother, True Blood, Mad Men, Bethenny Getting Married, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, Top Chef, My Life on the D-List are there to hold me until September comes. Oh, and can we talk about how I like a Real World cast for the first time in about 6 years? New Orleans cast is like they finally went back to the old school types of people they'd cast.

Surprised that I enjoyed She's Out of Your League. We'd put it off from renting on Apple TV for quite some time because the cast just didn't jump out at me. Finally we watched it this past weekend, and it was actually funny! Granted, I still kept on replacing the cast with what I felt it should include (Seth Rogen & Jonah Hill I usually cast in everything in my head). Definitely a fun rental.

Planning a Baby Shower for one of our best friends, Gennylite, who's expecting her first baby next month!! L-lo and I may or may not have got lost in the baby section of Target, trying to figure out what most of the stuff was, but we've got lots of fun games & things planned and I'll make sure to take lots of pictures this weekend!

Embarrassed that I watched about 5 hours straight of The Hills marathon this past Sunday. Just when I thought I could go on with my life without it, it came back for one final moment. Just in time for it to REALLY be over with. Now we wait for Allie Lutz to get her spin-off. But everytime I see the beauty that is Brodie Jenner, I can't get over the fact that he dates Avril. She's always reminded me of a bratty rhodent. And him? A beautiful work of 5 o'clock shadow.

Drooling over all the treats at Harvard Sweet Boutique! I found their site through a giveaway over at Travel Eat Love's blog.. such cute stuff! Click here to enter the giveaway as well :)

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Jessica said...

I too got caught up in a full day of The Hills on Sunday. I haven't been able to catch it at all this season with no longer having DVR.. I know.. I know.. I'm ashamed.. so it was fun to be glued to the tube for a while!
Say whatttt??? Brody and Avril?? I did not know this! Isn't she married?!?

thatShortChick said...

hahahaha...avril, a bratty rodent? LOVE THAT! too funny for further words.

Susan said...

Mad Men too!