July 13, 2010

If You Knew Suzy

Its taken me awhile to write a review for Katherine Rosman's book 'If You Knew Suzy'. I'd started it on the plane ride traveling back from a wedding in Buffalo on the Kindle in May. Which by the way, the Kindle is such a fun way to read books now.. (we have the iPad too, but for books? Hands down, Kindle wins)

'If You Knew Suzy' I'd found through a review in People Magazine as a great read for Mother's Day. While its about the loss of a Mother's tough battle to lung cancer, the way Katherine Rosman takes on this subject is to investigate and report about the lovely life her mother led before this terrible disease, by grabbing her moms Filofex and going back and interviewing people from her past to find more about her as a person, not just as the mother she'd known all her life. And with each story she learn about, another stranger would pop up in which she'd have to track down leading to even more great stories and adventures this lady had been on. I'd had no idea it would be such an amazing read.. plus the way Suzy Rosman loved to shop hit a chord with me.

This book is uplifting, sad at some parts, hilarious at many, bittersweet, and really just makes you think about the lasting influence you would like to leave on people. Because this lady certainly left some on me..I wish I could just send someone a copy of mine to read which is probably the only downfall about having a Kindle. Sigh.

You will absolutely love this story. I highly recommend it.

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We Are Not Martha said...

Oooh that does sound fabulous! Perfect gift for mom!!! I agree- I love my iPad but do kind of hate that it's hard to read in the sun. Darnit, why do I need a million different types of technology?!?