August 15, 2010

Eat, Play, Football

The scene Out for breakfast on a Sunday morning.

Me: Wanna go see Eat Pray Love with me today? (already knowing the answer since last time we saw a movie and that was one of the previews, he made a face and pretended to shoot himself during it)

ToughGuy: Absolutely not.

Me: WHY? Its not a chick flick. Javier Bardem is in it.

ToughGuy: All its about is divorce!

Me: Well, I will divorce you if you don't see it with me! (i kid i kid)

At that point I realized that was like him asking me to go see G.I. Joe or Transformers, it just wasn't going to happen. So I knew it'd be just myself attending a Sunday afternoon screening. Just as I was about to go, he caved and said he'd go with me as long as he's back in time for his basketball game. (maybe it also made him feel manly saying that)

We hit up the 1:45pm movie, and there we were among a crapload of older people (note: 3 people buying tickets in front of us called it Eat, Love, Pray). Not too many guys in attendance, but a few. I didn't read the book shocker but I was very looking forward to all of the scenes where the movie was shot: Bali, India and Rome.

The movie was good. Not spectacular, and not horrible. The main character was kind of annoying, but Julia Roberts rocked it as an actress. It was way too long and I could have done without the beginning, Rome and India part, but the last half of the movie was pritty pritty good. And I did notice the two middle aged ladies sitting next to me were sniffling through most of it. Also- Javier Bardem got added to my list of 5. Fo sho.

After walking out of the theatre, I grabbed ToughGuy's hand and told him I'd make him the best homemade meal he's ever had for the Patriots home opener... its the least I can do.

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Yummy Mummy said...

I LOVVVVEEEDDD IT! Hated the book, loved, love, loved the movie. I am now so looking forward to my half life crisis ;)

Julie Q said...

YM- You know, I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not been feeling bad for dragging hubs to the movie. The scenery was amazing! But yeah, the author was way too full of herself.

Hope said...

I can't remember the last time I managed to drag the fiancé to a chick flick. Nice job!