August 16, 2010

How a Blogger reads a book..

This weekend was PERFECT! The weather was gorgeous, AngryGirlfriend came to visit me in Boston, and some favorite Boston Bloggers of mine all got together for Nintendo's DSi XL Classic Book Club event, where we all read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice on the new DSi XL. We received this fun treat in the mail a few weeks before from Brand About Town (they ROCK!), as well as the Classic Books Collection, which hosts many of your favorite classics. I was excited to read Pride and Prejudice again, because I'd read it back in high school, and enjoyed the Keira Knightly movie that had come out back in 2005. The book was a breeze to read on the DSi XL. Plus the screen made it perfect to read at night in bed!

The party was held at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square. But to back up a bit, did I mention Angry Girlfriend aka Victoria was in town for this event?? She arrived in Boston on Friday evening, where we hit up Deep Ellum because she would need a delicious cocktail and some grub after the Bolt Bus trip from NYC. On Saturday, we headed into Boston to walk around Fanuel Hall and by the Boston Harbor. We also made some great new friends at the Aquarium!

We headed over to Upstairs on the Square at 4pm, to find a great group of ladies and gentlemen ready to talk Austen. There was Becca, Lauren, Victoria, Robin aka Yummy Mummy, Alicia from The Clean Plate Club, Sues & Chels from We Are Not Martha, Chris from Miss Chris, Sarah from Blonde Ambition, Annelise from Quarter Lifestyle Blog, Peter, and the other co-host Sarah Stewart had her actual Book Club at the event!

Lauren, me, Victoria and Robin!

Sarah's book club! (they knew their shit when it came to Jane Austen)
After being served excellent tea, cocktails and dainty finger foods, Catherine from Brand About Town started asking the questions about the book which brought up some excellent blogger/twitter talk. We even had the hashtag #nintendoenthused because there were other parties being held in St Louis and Chicago for Nintendo ladies.

PS- there will be a room in my house with this wall paper.

Boston's own Petey Pumpkin, having a spot of tea. And Becca pretending to be serious.

The Co-Hosts! Sarah from Pink Shoe Diaries and me :)

Fabulous goodies.
We are Not Martha's Susie & Chels in a JQ (no crust because its tea time) Sandwich!
First we had our picture in NY, and now me and Victoria have our picture in Boston!

Seriously.. kick ass weekend!!! Thanks to everyone who came to the party, Victoria for making the trip to Boston, Nintendo and Brand About Town! xoxo

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Katelin said...

such a classy book club, love it. and seriously how great is the ds xl and reading on it? i mean really. fabulous.

weezermonkey said...

I did my thesis way back in the day on Pride and Prejudice.

And I love tea.

This post was clearly meant just for me. ;)

Breathe Gently said...

This is such a cute way of having a book club. I'm so jealous of ya'll!

rebeccaj said...

i think my serious face is saying, "jq, that camera is angled a little too close to my 45th chin."

SO much fun, i'm glad i got to spend my saturday with you. =)

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

This looked like a fun time! I love Upstairs on the Square so much. I always feel like a little girl playing dress up when I'm there!

We Are Not Martha said...

Sooo much fun!! And I totally NEED that wallpaper in my house some day too. Love it!


Yiayia said...

I own and have read nearly 70 P&P sequels. Some are not worth reading, of course, but some authors are very creative and it is fun to see the 'what if' stories. What if Darcy had stayed on at Rosings instead of accepting her 'no' and they had worked things out and other equally close but varying in their results.

meghan said...

Looks like so much fun! I love tea time.