September 1, 2010

The 2010 Saratoga Travers

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful hanging out in beautiful Saratoga Springs with some of the RBC'ers. We headed up Friday afternoon and paid way too much for a hotel room at the Hilton for 2 nights. (since this is their most popular weekend of the year, its more then acceptable to charge triple room rates). Genius!

After a night of hanging out in downtown Saratoga at venues I call 'Wedding Receptions' (because they play awesome music and everyone dances outside in the streets) The men had to wake up super early a la 6am to attend the running of the bulls. This is how you nab your picnic table for the race that day. Thankfully they done good, and we had a prime table next to where the horse runway and right outside the track.

Basically the entire day consisted of gorgeous weather, a horse balloon table mascot named O, happy people, good (not for you) grub, big fluffy hats, and so many blog worthy pictures.. let's share, shall we?

This ticket won $9.00, plus the $2.00 I spent I got back!!
A view from the track.

Me and L-lo with the Travers Mascot!Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Local Cheese FriesSkippers & Hadleys (my preppy names for us whenever we go somewhere classy)

There were Fashion Hits

AND misses

Behold, the fierce frilliest hat of all was being showcased at the track!

I swear this is my hubby's happy place.
Where the horses walked the runway before the race

Pretty Horses

After the race we headed back to Downtown Saratoga and went to a great restaurant called Circus Cafe. They had Scorpion Bowls! And Cotton Candy!

This totally looks kosher
And then after we got frozen yogurt where you could pick all the toppings. There were Golden Grahams in there and it was amazing.
The Hilton had an Honor System cash bar waiting for the boys when we got back to the hotel, something tells me they stayed very honorable....
The girls opted for Saratoga water.
Can't wait til next year!! Must start planning now!

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rebeccaj said...

no hat wearing this year, JQ? disappointment everywhere.

wishful nals said...

looks like so much fun! i've always wanted to go to this. :)