September 19, 2010

Fall/Winter Shoesies!

Are fall boots really different than winter boots? I did my fall shoe shopping but am pretty sure its my cold weather shoe shopping that's complete. All of this was done at DSW, obviously. If you know me, you've probably heard me talk and talk and talk about their amazing customer service and their fabulous Premiere Rewards program.

Bonus score? Most of my boots from last season are in pretty good condition (right below) and can be put back in rotation now. Usually the snow salt had destroyed them already...

And now..

Steve Madden Zaney Boot Tall ($59.00)

White Mountain Buzzword Boot ($69.95)These Impo Stretch Boots are the perfect dress boot for winter. They are reasonably priced ($49.95) so you can buy both the black and the brown ones. They have just a little kitten heel so they are very comfy.

And finally, I caved and bought my first pair of Uggs. These were actually on clearance marked down from $170 to $90. Still a little pricey but picturing my fat swollen ankles at the end of this upcoming winter made them more and more appealing.

At this point of the photo shoot in our dining room, Rocco started barking at me, so I gave him the chance to pose with some cute little Me Too wedges I also picked up this weekend!

Are you going to be rocking any fierce footwear for fall??

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weezermonkey said...

So many boots! I don't think I've worn boots in 10 years.

I still haven't blogger Grandma Haul 2010. Yeah, there are new shoes here.

Lauren B said...

I bought some beauteous boots at the mothership aka J Crew last week, but they might be returned for a bulk purchase of boots, pumps and flats from Piperlime - all 3 of which equal just the J Crew boots in price!


We Are Not Martha said...

I can't believe those Steve Madden boots were only $59! LOVE! Love them all, really. And even though I know Uggs are "out" and "ugly," I think those are pretty cute and as the most comfy boots EVER in love, I will always be proud to wear mine :)


Hope said...

I totally just bought those Steve Madden boots! I have a hot pair of brown boots, but the heel is really tall and I've been having problems with my feet. No tall heels for me. :(

I think I might need to buy a pair of (gulp) skinny jeans.

Katelin said...

i really need to invest in a pair of boots, those gray ones are super cute too.