September 12, 2010

Game day.. now pay up!

After dragging my husband to see Eat, Pray, Love a few weeks back.. it was only fair to cook up a fabulous game day spread for the first Patriots game of the season. He LOVES football, and every season I roll my eyes knowing my Sundays are going to consist of 2 laptops & an iPad in front of him managing his Fantasy Football teams and football on 24/7. Pregame shows, games, intermission is for game analysis (not for Julie to squeeze in an episode of Bridezillas) games, and then ESPN for the recap of all the games he just watched.

This year I'm going to attempt to enjoy football. This types much easier than done. At least it'll be easier if there's some delicious food in front of my pregnant self... speaking of- when looking at Maternity football shirts, I asked if I could go with the Saints shirt because it was much cuter (and more flattering) than the Patriots one. Usually I would just go ahead and order it- but the fact that it says 'WE are fans' I felt I needed to discuss it beforehand. Welp, that was vetoed in about 1.4 seconds with the most evil eye I've seen in awhile.

For the Patriots home opener I went for the traditional Chili, Cornbread and Apple Pie spread. The dogs said they were going to be more helpful that usual, but as soon as the football turned on, they disappeared into the living room to curl up by Tough Guy's feet and get some belly rubs.

First up: Howard Stern's Chili (get recipe here) * I followed the directions exactly except I went with regular beef instead of ground turkey



brown the meat.mince garlic. (I'm spoiled because I got the Chef'N garlic mincer in my We Are Not Martha goodie bag back from their blog birthday party! Its amazing.)

play around.

heat veggies for a few.

spice it up.
mix EVERYTHING into the crockpot and stare at it for 4 hours.

while that's cooking, make some corn bread! this is super easy.. mix with an egg and milk and bake.

finally, put it all together.

and serve!!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Next I'll share with you the 'beginners' Apple Pie I made..

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TaraMetBlog said...

Looks delicious! You make me want to haul out my crock pot!

thegirls said...

you're such a lil' chef, you! gonna be a good mama! and almost a year later, i'm still obsessed with that garlic zoooooom! :) xoxo [chels]