September 8, 2010

JQ Lounge mini press conference

First off, I'd like to say thank you so much for all your emails, tweets, and nice comments. It really made that 'announcement day' super special. Maybe its the hormones, but I teared up at most of them because even though I have still yet to meet many of you, I've known you for a long time and its so cool to have that. Plus the ladies I do know in real life, I tallied it up in my head, and that's over 60+ hours of babysitting volunteering right there!

Below, are a couple of questions I've gotten the past few days..

How are you feeling?
Good! I've been blessed with no morning sickness, but the fatigue you feel is kind of ridiculously crazy (and this is coming from a Chick who once had mono for 3 weeks). Plus I completely broke out with teenage acne- which totally helps emotionally when your pants don't fit! The mood swings were intense for awhile. Tough Guy gets an award for putting up with me. Cravings? Just McDonald's French Fries (who am I kidding, any french fries would do). I've only put on 3 lbs - but I think its because the no boozing cuts out so many calories! Who woulda thunk? The biggest thing I miss the most? My gourmet Ice Coffees I lived on prior. I cut out caffeine cold turkey when I found out, but recently just started bringing a small Dunkin Donuts decaf hot coffee back into my life.

What did you think of the movie 'The Backup Plan'?
OK, no one asked me this, but i had to answer it anways because I was so excited to watch it on Apple TV when it came out. The Backup Plan was the dumbest movie ever for anyone someone just getting over their 1st trimester. I seriously thought J-lo would bring something special to it since she'd had twins, but no. All it showed of J-lo's character during her first trimester was flashing a six pack and working out at the gym. For reals! Fact: you have no energy to do this- and while I had absolutely no where near a 6 pack before this, it turns into bloat/beer gut central. Note: you are too happy to care. Warning: obviously this only happens when you are a blogger who enjoyed too much birthday cake and sauvignon blanc in the first place before getting knocked up.

SO, is the JQ Lounge turning into a Mom Blog?
Ha! That's what Tough Guy asked when he saw me working diligently on my breaking news announcement spread for the past week. Or maybe its the 2 friends that screamed 'CONGRATS' out of excitement on gchat, but then immediately gave me some rules about not including any ultrasound pictures and limiting the JQ Lounge to 1 baby post a week. Welp- since this summer my blog has been hit by 1 post every month, this may be hard to follow. But I will totally obey your ultrasound request. No one needs to see my gorgeous uterus, besides BFFs and future Grandparents.

When do you find out if you're having a boy or a girl?
2 weeks! I've been trying to google symptoms to figure out what the baby is, and so far.. I'm coming up 50/50 (go figure). They say if its a girl, she steals your beauty away. The awesome acne I have makes sense (girl), but no morning sickness (boy).

Are you showing yet?
Nopers. Basically it just looks like a sexy bloated beer gut I'm rocking. I kind of feel my stomach muscles disappearing each day- only because when I sneeze, I can no longer hold it in. All of my clothes are fitting fine- except for a lil snug around the waist. I'm almost 4 months, so we'll see if it pops out one of these days...

And last but not least.. I need your help.
Yes! Moms out there, I need help with a registry. Any advice you could email over of products you loved, products you wish you hadn't registered for.. etc. I've already got an awesome email from a friend back in the ROC who had her baby this summer, advice is totally welcome and encouraged :)

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Breathe Gently said...

I love reading blogs as they're running on ahead with life - whether it's for wedding, for baby, for random travel moves .. so I'm glad you'll blog about it as you choose to. Yay for Baby Q! :)

Alicia said...

Yay again!! I'm getting a list together - but off the top of my head, you should get a boppy, a bumbo, a swaddle-me, and sophie the giraffe for teething!

Oh, and I'm scared of babies but I'll babysit for the teeny mancini if needed. Or I'll just hang out with you and teeny mancini and bring wine. good?

Arielle said...

I don't have any baby product tips for you, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for sparing us the ultrasounds. And..hooray for no morning sickness! That sounds like the worst part of pregnancy to me.

Lexilooo said...

So happy for you!

I hope for no morning sickness when my time comes, so you are very lukcy there!

Julie Q said...

Thanks everyone! And Alicia- fyi totally made sure to include those :) And wine sounds super awesome. Can't wait to have some in about... 5.5 months. wwhhaaahhh

Yiayia said...

You reached as high as grandparents, but don't forget the usually missing group...those of us who are being made great grandparents and feeling ancient ('cause we are?).

thatShortChick said...

yay for you not having any morning sickness!! and the Back-up plan? OMG that movie was SOOOO bad. like, I was watching through my fingers with my hands over my eyes.

Hope said...

I missed the announcement because I was on vacation... so congratulations!!!

Allie said...

Oh you KNOW I have a mondo list for your registry! Though a lot has to do with your lifestyle.

My must-haves:
- Pack and Play with bassinet feature. Baby didn't sleep in her crib for a long time, it's easier at the beginning to have her close and this works like a bassinet but can be reused later as a regular play yard
- Moby wrap. Easy to use for you or your man, great for newborns to wear them, have them all warm and snuggly and sleep better, MUCH kinder to your back and baby's hip joints than the dreaded Baby Bjorn
- Ergo carrier - I liked this over the Bjorn for later on (once she was too heavy for the Moby, like 6-8 months)
- Boppy or My Breast Friend, and a second cover
- Twilight Turtle. It's freaking cool as well as useful
- A swing. I borrowed one from a friend, a friend got hers on Craigslist, but I loved it and used it all the time to keep her calm. Had the Boppy travel one and it worked well. Low to the ground, but reliable.
- Jersey crib sheets. SO much easier for changing! What's smart is have at least 2 mattress pads and 2 sheets, then layer them (pad, sheet, pad, sheet) so if there is a leak you can rip off one later and the crib is already made.
- Diaper Dude diaper bag. Like it better than the pretty designer ones and the girly ones. Just makes sense how it's made, how it can hook to the stroller, etc. Skip Hop ones are similar in how brilliant they are. I personally still carry my purse 90% of the time, I only use a diaper bag when out and about a very long time. You can easily tuck a diaper and some wipes in your purse and still stay chic when out with baby!

I ditto the SwaddleMe and the Sophie. I registered at Amazon as well as the classic BRU and it was great ebcause it had things like these and other brands that Babies R Us and Tarjay don't carry.

Jessica said...

all great suggestions! theitzbeen timer has saved my life over the past week! keeps track of the last time you have fed, changed diapers, when the baby sleeps... seriously... I dont knowwhat I'd do without it! yiu can get it at BRU

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...
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