September 14, 2010

Totally Amateur- but hey, it works

So I'm not a qualified foodie at all- although some of my favorite bloggers and friends are all excellent food bloggers and cook amazing things-- and I love hanging out with them! I'm just worried my skills in the kitchen will be tested at one of these events, and they will shun me forever!

I made a beginner Apple Pie for Sunday Football Day. Its pretty basic so i'm not bragging about it, but gosh darnit it was tasty! For the real recipe- go here.

ingredients. * we had fresh apples that my in laws gave us after they went apple picking!

cut up apples and mix it with all sorts of the sugary sweetness in between pillsbury pie crust.

throw it in the oven.

voila! you got yourself some fresh apple pie. I need to work on my presentation because this looks rather bogus. next time!

throw some ice cream on it and serve!---

And for some REAL professionally 'made by foodies' desserts: check out Carrots N Cake's blog today for her Bake Sale! She's training for the Honolulu Marathon as part of the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. Such a great cause!! Kudos to all the bloggers who participated- every single entry looked amazing.

Unfortunately I got outbid real quick on the Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt (pictured above)! wwwhhhaaahhh. check it out! And feel free to donate any of your winnings over to me. I will gladly accept.

And on a Bravo note: TOP CHEF FINALE TOMORROW! Who's your pick? I love Ed. Plus he's from Boston. Represent, Boston Ed!

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thatShortChick said...

you don't understand, I've been craving apple pie (or apple crisp) with vanilla ice cream for the longest time! looks so yummy.

I was going to bid on those cookies!! as for the top chef finale, I'm still sorta bitter that Tiffany was sent home because I wanted her to win!!

rebeccaj said...

um, did you just do the snooki "waaaaaah" on your blog? no mtv for you, one week.

weezermonkey said...

I think your pie looks heavenly!

I love pie.

If I had a wedding do-over, I'd have a pie bar with 30 different pies.