October 24, 2010

Bloggers, Cake, Bling, Open Fly jeans & more Bloggers. OH MY!

'FINALLY.. so many things to actually blog about' passed through my mind as I attended a couple Boston Blogger events this weekend. The blogger scene has quadrupled in size since our first Happy Hour meeting over 2 years ago!

Thursday was Boston Blogtoberfest, held at Ginger Park in the South End. It was a huge turnout. Which is good and bad. Good because its awesome to see so many people involved, bad because it was way too crowded to meet any new bloggers.

But I'll settle for the ones I already know any day! I caught up with Becca, Peter, Kori, Alicia, Steven & Alison.. and finally met some twitter friends in real life! (hi, NPW, WTFhaveIdone!) Although I may have snuck out a little early due to being super duper tired.

Friday was a low key evening, as most of my Fridays usually are now a days.

Saturday we started renovating our house to get ready for a nursery. Lots of fun manly work going on, while I caught up on Four Weddings and entertained Rocco & Lexie all day. That evening, we headed over to the Q for a Surprise 30th Birthday Party for my girl Ali's fiancé!

Speaking of which, lots of fun wedding stuff going on with her, including a gorgeous wedding dress already picked out (the first one she tried one!!!) and some sexy fierce bridesmaid dresses that will be rocked by yours truly next Fall.

FUNNY NOTE: watched SNL on dvr this morning, and LOVED the spoof on Brett Favre, had to share it.. ps. loves me some Emma Stone. Stay in rehab and the clubs Linds, you've been replaced with a cuter much more charming version.

Sunday I was lucky enough to see some favorites at We Are Not Martha's Stella and Dot trunk show! Joann was the Stella and Dot Stylist and there were many beautiful pieces. If you want to shop online, go here and click 'Find your hostess' and put in We are not Martha (note: i just typed in we are as the first name and that worked!)I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stella and Dot jewelry. I finally learned that some of the former creative directors with Banana Republic and J.Crew are behind this line, which is why I pretty much adore every single piece.

Always great seeing Chels, Sues, Susan, Becca, and Kristen. Plus I finally got to meet Fun Fearless Bean!!! Boston Bloggers are always a good time..

We Are Not Martha is taking over the Project Food Blog Challenge. They've now made it to Project #6 and could totally use your support! Voting starts Monday morning at 9am, stop by and make sure you vote for them HERE!

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weezermonkey said...

I love that you are so active in the Boston blogging community!

Susan said...

Always lovely seeing you too :)

rebeccaj said...

Great to see you and Baby Bump Q, as always. xoxo

We Are Not Martha said...

Awww thank you for the super sweet shoutout! It was so good to see you, though I wish we had more time to chat. And yayyy, I thought nobody liked the brownies I made :)


Alicia said...

It was great to see you, as usual! Thank you so much for registering me! I wouldn't have been there without Julie Q!!!!

Katelin said...

what? no bump watch picture? pshaw.

but yay for blogger meetups and parties and four weddings (i love that show, tlc is taking over my life) and yay for a nursery, woo!

i vote for a people/us weekly/teen vogue mural on her wall, haha.

Kinsey Michaels said...

The Blogtoberfest looked like an absolute blast, I wish I hadn't missed out this year! Glad you had fun!