October 6, 2010

Early Christmas List? xoxo Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus revealed its 2010 Christmas Book this week. Lots of fun 'little' treats to buy your loved ones for Christmas. Although I'd take every single item- I've narrowed it down to a few favs...

$250,000 His & Hers Luxury Houseboat (click here)

Basically this boat is pimped out.. plus it's a boat. So that's cool.

An edible Gingerbread House from Dylan's Candy Bar! Only $15,000 (click here)

Yes, you read that right, you can eat this entire house. All 318 lbs of gourmet gingerbread and 517 lbs of royal icing.

And speaking of Ice? Why not some pretty gorgeous jewels thrown into the mix?

The Silver and Gold Links Iolite & Rhodolite Bracelets $2500 - $3200 (click here)

These pretty bracelets are made in Greece, and will dazzle guests at your Holiday Party

And for a stocking stuffer? This MacKenzie Childs picture frame is delectable! $90 (click here)
Plus this year they have an iPad app to view the book.

So much fun virtual shopping and thinking about Christmas! Except this year, the only thing I plan on shopping for is the little sweet pea growing in my belly :)

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Elizabeth said...

I've always dreamed of a houseboat...one day.

I think this is going to be a pretty baby oriented Christmas for us too!

Yiayia said...

Is it any wonder that the catalog has the nickname 'Meedless Markups'?

Yiayia said...

Shucks, that was supposed to be 'Needless Markups'...typo fairy got me again!

Julie said...

Is that houseboat pictured in the middle of Lake Michigan???