October 31, 2010

I have the Golden Ticket! A Halloween Party

So Linabeau made me RSVP to her Halloween Party months in advance, so I could clear my schedule and not bail on this party because I don't like Halloween! I like to think I'm a creative person, but when it comes to Halloween, I think I peaked in Costume Design back in sophomore year of Highschool, when me, Kelly & Meg were the Spartan Cheerleaders (Kelly's mom made the costumes so it was the main reason they rocked).

I was about to bail on this party again due to coming up with no costume- but its been forever since I've seen Caroline, and I knew she only throws the best parties. When I googled pregnant costumes, basically it was just plus size version of 'sexy costumes' which were just gross. Then you see the 'Bun in the Oven' ideas which made me want to blarf.

Well, it wasn't until the wonderful and brilliant Angry Girlfriend sent me this tweet:

Ohhh if only we lived in the same city!!! Victoria, FTW!

The costume was picked. Now it was up to get Tough Guy on board. He could totally pull off KFed! It was a much easier sell than I thought. "Oh, I totally look like a model anyways.. that's fine" he said. "Just make sure you get me some bling."

Welp, Kfed's props were about 10X the price of Brit Brit's! I got an $8 Old Navy Tank Top, and hit up Michael's for some Iron-on letters and puff paint galore. We got Tough Guy a blazer from the Good Will for $8, and I attacked it with hot pink puff paint. We then got a gorgeous Kardashian-like wig, that I did not want to cut! But we chopped away and gave Kfed his gorgeous locks. Throw on ten pounds of eye shadow and spray tan for Britney and we were ready to go! NOTE: I tried on some blonde wigs, but I learned quickly I was not meant to be a blonde. It was almost offensive!

NOTE: That was Kaballah water, obviously..

Bistro du Midi was the perfect location! The service was spectacular, and you can tell Caroline is a VIP client there..

LOVED Paris and Lindsay.. they were super fierce
Another favorite costume of the night. Except she needed a PBR in her hand!

There was also preregistration for the 3rd annual 'The Waddle', the infamous pub crawl the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in this amazing event- but you never know.. the pregnant lady in a bar might make another appearance (stay classy julie). But only if Tough Guy rocks his Kfed wig, because it kinda looked dreamy! xoxo

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Alicia said...

Your costume rocks. You look so cute!

linabeau said...

j'adore. and you looked j'adorable.

Blasé said...

I didn't recognize you in that shirt...

Lacey Bean said...

I love it! You guys look amazing.

Hope said...

You guys look awesome! Seeing that old picture of K-Fed reminds me of just how fat he got. Scary.

Katelin said...

you guys look great i love it! seriously how did i not think of that one for you, it's perfect!

Susan said...

You did good, Julie.

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