October 18, 2010

Leaf Peeping & Alumni Reunions

This past weekend we headed up to Rochester, NY to go visit RIT and see some old friends. Upstate New York is gorgeous this time of year!

Saturday was the big day in the ROC. Tough Guy headed over to campus to go beat up some of the young RIT Wrestlers on the mat for an alumni event, and Legno (our good friend from college who lives in New Jersey) and I headed over to Pittsford to go visit our favorite place in the world. The ducks.
It used to be called Fingerlakes Coffee when we would go visit the ducks, but its now called Basin Cafe. Basically the same inside selling Fingerlakes Coffee (phew!)

So after you grab a delicious cup of coffee (decaf for me) you head outside and wait for the ducks to visit!

Yes, they always show up in a Flying V when we are there!

Legno even managed to step in some souvenir duck poop.. tehehehe

This place is beautiful. Seriously. Anytime you need to clear your head during college, this was the place to go! Also, when we were bored, we recreate the Good Will Hunting scene between Robin Williams and Matt Damon sitting on the park bench.

After visiting the ducks, we headed over to campus to meet up with Tough Guy and head over to their Fraternity House because they were having a cookout for the alumni.

I found this gem below on the Frat House wall showing a freshman Tough Guy while he was pledging. Funny note: we met back in fall 2000 in a frat house basement when Tough Guy was selling jello shots, and I told him I should not have to pay for one, because I was a freshman girl aka a hot commodity. You could say we grew eyes for each other after that extremely unromantic meeting. Another funny note: he was completely sober since you didn't drink all through out pledging. I, was not. Another obvious note: The jello shot was free.While the boys reminisced, the ladies headed over to campus to go see some of the amazing upgrades they made to our campus. OMG, RIT's campus is amazing.

Was a little bitter walking around, knowing there were actual bars on this 'used to be dry' campus. Imagine how awesome it would have been to drink some Margaritas before Intro to Programming? Granted- I still did that, i just had to go off campus.

Me bump posing with President Al Simone..... 's statue

And last but not least, while some of our friends went to go cheer on the RIT Tigers Hockey team at Blue Cross Arena (they were even playing UMASS) the rest of us ended up going to the best place to eat in Rochester - Dinosaur BBQ. They have quite a few locations in New York, and hopefully all of them are as cool as the Rochester landmark.

My favorite thing in the world is Fried Green Tomatoes (the original one, not the fancy one)
And of course they did NOT disappoint...

Happy Hubby.

Pregnancy meal.. asking for 4 sides to equal one entire meal. At this point I was so excited and stuffed from the fried green tomatoes, I only got through about 1/4 of it.

Some of the boys asked to take a picture at this ridiculously mural'd bench outside the Hockey Game. Let's just say there were laughs the entire weekend with this crew.

Its like Rochester knew I was coming to visit!

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rebeccaj said...

i can't wait for baby bump and i to hang out thursday. i mean, you're more than welcome, too. ;)

Susan said...

Fun! I love your meeting story, you're so sassy.

Miss Yunks said...

I went to Syracuse and love Dinosaur BBQ too! I always ordered 4 sides as my meal also...and not because I was pregnant! Hmm what's that say about me...love your meeting story too!

Hope said...

So, would you say you married Tough Guy for a free jello shot? ;)

Katelin said...

looks like such a fun weekend, i mean seriously ducks and fried green tomatoes, sold. haha.

Julie said...

RIT is beautiful. I was there for a conference visit a little while ago.

I love the Tough Guy pic from pledging. And props to him for giving you the jello shot for free. He wound up with a good deal there.