November 17, 2010

Bump Watch

Less than a few months to go, here is a proper bump watch update.
feeling kicks, buying girly baby outfits (some day soon i'll embarrass myself with a post of all the stuff I've purchased), telling Tough Guy the outfits only cost like... $5 each, people noticing the bump - usually after a double take staring at your stomach - and saying congrats, getting to board first on an airplane.. ehh. well after first class passengers, seeing other little babies and your heart just melts, GAP maternity jeans, guilt free cupcakesgetting up to go pee every 2 hours in the middle of the night, psychotic mood swings saved just for Tough Guy, anxiety, normal shirts turning into belly shirts, roc'n'lex thinking they can jump on my lap as usual except now i shriek and say 'watch the belly!', having part of your house being renovated while pregnant, eating lean cuisines for lunch and being hungry about 2 minutes later, 24/7 stuffy nose, going to bed at 8pm every night (actually that's very fun because of the golden dvr box in our room!)

But all of the fun magical things far outweigh the not so fun!

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Arielle said...

Hey, as long as the "not so fun" stuff doesn't include constant vomiting, I'd say you're golden. The nausea always seemed like the worst part of being pregnant to me - I'll take peeing every 2 hours over puking any day! So..hooray for that!

Allie said...


Ditto Arielle re: the puking. And as long as you don't get PUPPPS you're in good shape.

Yeah, the Lean Cuisines left my lunches around mid-second trimester. Man, I'd still be hungry after a whole Chipotle burrito bowl! I kept popcorn in my desk at work and would pop sometimes two bags a day. :)

You look fantastic!

Hope said...


Susan said...

You really do look great!