November 18, 2010

Hollywood is blowing up this week!!

Nick and Jessica are engaged, Eva is getting a divorce, A Royal Wedding is among us, Pink & Rachel Zoe are pregnant.. and LEEZA GIBBONS IS ENGAGED!

I'm glad I have not reached that fame level (yet) where gossip blogs compare my engagement ring to my hypothetically ex husbands new fiance's ring. BTW.. Vanessa wins. Absolutely hands down. And its not because Jessica didn't go for the traditional diamond. Because I think Kate Middleton aka Princess Di's emerald engagement ring is absolutely gorgeous.

Jessica Simpson totally paid for her own engagment ring. Dlisted said it best. Eric Johnson is from my home town. I was a freshman in highschool when he was a senior. I was excited to think maybe she'd be around for Thanksgiving, but she'll be in NYC for the Macy's parade, so there goes that celebrity encounter at Cafe Fresh Bagel.

Eva Longoria is the cutest person in Hollywood. How could Tony cheat on her? They got married in France, gosh damnit! But come on, are we really suprised here? 1. they are a hollywood marriage 2. they are an nba marriage 3. she's friends with mario lopez, so i highly question what she must be like in real life.

Rachel Zoe. SO happy for her and Rodger. I love watching the Zoe Project. Even in her 9th month of pregnancy though, she may get up to wearing a Medium shirt size. Cannot wait to see her maternity style, but she always wears baggy clothes so we shall wait and see.

William and Kate. Good for her! I used to dream about marrying Prince Wills. Well, my friend Erica was much more obsessed with him than I.. Kate looks like a british LC! And I hope she becomes a little more fiesty, like Diana. And my final thoughts? Prince Harry is about 10 times more gorgeous.. talk about growing into a real Prince Charming.

Like how I didn't specify that Nick and Jessica are actually engaged to other people? I did too.

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Hope said...

I like Jessica more than I like Vanessa.

I have no idea why.

Julie Q said...

Hope - i totally like jessica more too, but Vanessa did have the nicer rock. Jessica is just much easier to comment about since she's taking insecurity crazy pills lately

Betsy said...

Love this post and love all this recent news.

Seriously siked for my girl Jessica but I can't see that wedding happening. I dated a Needham boy once. ONCE. That shit just doesn't last.

Sarah said...

I love all comments regarding Eva. Married in Paris, ergo we are shocked. Love it ;) Also, totally agree on the Mario Lopez comment.

I did not know RZ was confirmed!!! Dying! Bahhh-nanas!

Katelin said...

seriously, it was like hollywood overload this week! just so much to take in. i gotta say, although i totally agree that harry is the way cuter prince now (i used to be a will girl myself) i am just so excited for this wedding and kate totally is a british lc, love it.

Yummy Mummy said...

OMG! I just posted on this... I too am dying! There is no way I could choose, it's like picking between children.

Okay, okay... twist my arm.... IT'S SOOOOOO WILLS AND KATE!

ps DYING over the bump. Love :)