November 3, 2010

My favorite things of the moment

Makeup: Too Faced Pixie/Fairy setsI absolutely love these boxed sets. I picked up both the Glamour to Go Pocketbook set ($19) and the Too Faced Natural Eye Natural Eye Shadow Collection ($35)

Thanks to the Sephora Friends and Family 20% coup I went to town with earlier this week. Stocked up on my regular faves (nars, makeup forever, smashbox) as well. These would also make perfect gift ideas for the holidays!

Pretty events: This gorgeous Wedding Shower from Hostess Blog looks simply lovely! Sure I can't drink, but I can drool over this Champagne Bar they put together for the party.

The Good Wife: I'd watched a couple episodes last year but never really got into it. This season I'm SSSOOO HOOKED! Maybe I just wasn't ready to turn into a CBS old person demographic, but you should check out this show if you haven't.

GAP Maternity: Maybe I'm spoiled because there is one within steps of my office, but every single thing I've gotten from GAP Maternity has been super super cute! No moomoo's, no mom jeans, just fierce regular cute chic clothes (all with a kangaroo pouch included). Maternity pants are the new fancy ass sweatpants!

iPad: Little Things on iPad is the funnest waste of time! I love playing it before I go to bed. If you have an iPad- check check check it out. Download here ($7.99)

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Annelise said...

all cute!(esp. that GAP sweater dress) but is there really such a thing as fancy sweatpants? :-)

We Are Not Martha said...

I know you're obsessed with Sephora, but you really need to check out too! Awesome prices on tonnsss of fabulous makeup brands. It's so addicting!!

Gap Maternity is SO cute.. As is Gap Baby!! They should throw a Gap pregnancy party for you :)


Julie Q said...

Annelise- YES! Because you take a pair of normal dress pants, or skinny jeans, and then you add a sweatband waste to it - voila! Fancy ass sweat pants :)

WANM- I'll totally check out and am open to shopping at all other places until Sephora endorses my beauty addict lifestyle. My Nars cosmetics is not going to pay for itself...

Lacey Bean said...

I have the Two Faced Natural Eye Shadow kit and I love it! It's my daily eye make up. :)

sb said...

I'm obsessed with my Smashbox palette.....and I WISH I could wear maternity pants and get away with being super comfy at work. ;)

Does the Glamour to go box set get all jacked up when it rustles around in your purse? That always happens to me when I carry around stuff like that. Maybe I'm just too rough with my things...ha

debbieQ said...

You didn't know that the Good Wife was a GREAT show!!!! It isn't just an old ass demographic although the story is a sad, old one. i love all the sub plots and watching the bad husband now squirming and realizing what he has to lose...She is a class act, loves her kids and probably loves Sephora makeup too!!!
love momma q