November 15, 2010


Massholes shouldn't be allowed to travel anywhere. Tough Guy and I literally packed all summer clothes for our trip to Scottsdale, AZ last week- where he had a conference at the gorgeous Westin Kierland Resort, so I got to tag along! Basically I considered it a BabyMoon since we didn't get to book Aruba early next year with our friends due to a small little detail :)
This was the first time going to Arizona. And its only the 2nd time I've been on the West Coast- a couple days spent in San Fran for work back in '08. Oh, and I once had a layover in San Jose on my way to Cabo San Lucas back in college. That was fun.

As mentioned in this post, its freezing at night in the desert. Luckily the Kierland Commons were only steps away, so J.Crew sweaters on sale came through for the win! During the day, it was only mid 70's.. but the sun was so hot- it was fun sitting by the pool. I didn't know places without humidity existed! It was magical.
Apparently the Barefoot Contessa was rocking out at Sur La Table signing books? There were about 500 people camping out for the signing (i was not one of them)
The conference wives went on a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West (aka his summer home). Our tour guide was absolutely awesome, and she made the 1.5 hour tour pretty damn interesting. The compound is neat to walk around, and there were so many great pictures to be taken. I highly suggest you stop by there if you find yourself in Scottsdale.

I felt big kicks for the first time when we were in Scottsdale!!!! It now feels like there is a fish flapping around in my tummy.
The rest of the week was pretty relaxing. There were fun places to eat, shop, and chill out at. Tough Guy even took an extra day so we wouldn't have to rush back right after his conference. My favorite restaurants were Tommy Bahamas for lunch and The Greene House for dinner on the last night!
He got to enjoy those Mojitos. I settled on water with lemon. And Ginger Ale when I want to get a little crazy...
My only complaint about Arizona? Getting used to all of my gosh darn television airing one hour earlier (despite the time change) because of Central time. You know when it says 10pm Eastern time? Yeah, that affects people. It really does.
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Susan said...

Yay, you felt a kick! That's so exciting!

I need to go to Arizona. Mike's aunt lives there and we have been saying we should go for a while now.

andrea said...

Ohhh I love your six month bump! Cant believe its been 6 months! You look so great my dear! Miss and love.

Lauren B said...

I want more bump shots JulieQ!!!

rebeccaj said...

i love love love baby q updates. :)
glad you and your water had fun! xoxo

thatShortChick said...

I agree with every one else - the jq lounge needs more baby q updates!!

glad you enjoyed your babymoon :) it looks more resort-y than I imagined arizona looking (if that makes any sense)

Katelin said...

matt used to live in scottsdale so i am quite familiar with the area and that cold really does shock you, haha.

but yay for baby kicks, wee!

Hope said...

I am seriously jealous of your pool time.

debbieQ said...

Oh baby!!! I'm surprised you didn't include being awakened by your momma calling you at the butt crack of dawn asking silly questions about the dogs and where's the rake??? I'm glad you guys were able to go and have a nice time..
love mom