December 19, 2010

Boston Swan Town

Weekends are much more enjoyable when your house isn't under renovation!!!!! A few finishing touches before the Nursery reveal!

Friday night- low key night but it was better than usual because Erica came over for some pizza and gabbing. I love when friends understand that you have no extra energy to go out on weekend nights and come to you. xoxo :)

Saturday- Becca has been running Massachusetts Girls Pint Out (GPO) for the past couple of months, and for obvious reasons I haven't made it to the first couple of outings. Saturday was the 'Holiday Shopping Break' at Rattlesnake Bar that afternoon, so I thought it'd be a great excuse to go into Boston to do some shopping on Newbury Street before stopping by and showing everyone the huge bump I'm rocking (while sipping on Ginger Ale of course). Gennylite and I hit up Charlies on Newbury Street for some lunch and then stopped into a few places to get some last minute shopping in (ie: Anthro, Mulberry Road -- a cute baby shop, H&M & Marc Jacobs to be exact).

A few good stocking stuffers found at Marc Jacobs (okay.. so its my stocking) and yes, that is a $3.00 Lipstick Pen and a Marc Jacobs sharpie.

Sunday- FINALLY SAW BLACK SWAN! I'd be waiting for this movie to come out to a few more theatres outside Boston, and told Tough Guy we would see it today. Wow, this movie was hard core. It wasn't as scary as some of the reviews I'd heard prior, but we both really enjoyed watching the craziness that is professional dancing. Its kind of a cross between Center Stage meets Sixth Sense meets the Shining. hahahaha OR not.. but those were the first 3 movies that came to mind. BTW, Tough Guy thought the movie was really good- so don't feel bad dragging a boy to it.

What do you do after watching a crazy ass insane movie? You come home and catch up on a Lifetime movie you had dvr'd. 'Marry Me' was a Lifetime (<-- used as an adjective) goofy but cute romantic comedy (4 hours long though!?!), but it made me feel sad for Lucy Liu thinking she was once an A more likely B list actress.

Since Tough Guy came with to go see Black Swan, he requested that we watch The Town on Apple TV. I loves me some Jon Hamm working in Boston so I did not object. The movie was entertaining, but a couple things came to mind.

1. It reminded me of Good Will Hunting except it was Ben Affleck as Will Hunting.

2. It also reminded me of a 2 hour episode of TNT's Rizzoli and Isles. Very fun to watch but completely not believable. I did want to steal Blake Lively's look in that movie..

3. Blake Lively was actually really good in it. I thought it was going to be an annoying Serena VanDerWoodsen.

4. I was kind of happy they were robbing Fenway considering how expensive Red Sox tickets are.

5. Boston is the best city in the world. Obvi.

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Fickle Cattle said...

I feel bad for Lucy Liu too. I hope she gets better projects soon.

Susan said...

Boston IS the best city in the world. And it was so great to see you and that bump you're rocking on Saturday!

weezermonkey said...

Black Swan = "Insane in the Brain" + "I Touch Myself"

I shake my fist at those 108 minutes of my life that I cannot get back.

Elizabeth said...

You've been busy, busy!

You're right about Boston being up there in the greatest cities--I miss it terribly!

Elizabeth said...

(Oops! I commented from the wrong account--sorry!)

Hope said...

Oh, Center Stage. Such fondness. Now I really want to see Black Swan.

Allie said...

Gosh I want to see Black Swan. They are playing it at my local small indie theater so I HAVE to go... maybe I can con my husband to join me too!

Katelin said...

love the marc jacobs, so cute!! and i need to see black swan, stat! also, the town, totally agree on the good will hunting vibe, as well as a little departed ish going on, still so good.

Kori said...

So sad I missed the baby bump on Saturday :(