December 28, 2010

The Time I went food shopping with Joey Tribbiani

The Scene: Day after Christmas at Whole Foods in Newton + Day before the first New England blizzard of the year = pandemonium in this grocery store.

Tough Guy decided to go get in line since they were already reaching down the aisles of the store and I had to pick up a few last items (prepared fruit being my biggest pregnancy craving since McDonald's French Fries). I have to walk all the way by the meat section since the baby bump is unable to get through large crowds and grocery carts. Don't worry, I always open up my jacket so people can see the baby bump to pick up any points I can.

So there I was, walking by the meat when all of a sudden I look up and it looks like one of my friends. (oh JQ puns are too much!) He looked very familiar and was wearing a black jacket and a gray hat. I do a double take, and keep walking to go pick up my freshly cut pineapple.

When I reach Tough Guy in line (still about 20 minutes away from reaching the cash register) I say "OMG I'm 97% sure I just saw Matt LeBlanc from Friends" to which he responds.. "That's so funny! OMG I just got back from having cappuccino with John Krazinki and BJ Novak" ** Note all these famous people are from Newton** So maybe he did not believe me, but then he goes.. "Oh, the guy with the black jacket and gray hat?"

So I wasn't crazy and only seeing things because I wanted to see them :)

Still with 3% doubt, it was hard to further my research. There was no way this pregnant lady was going to get past 2 feet in this check out shit show that was going on. Oy vey.

Until, I see someone from Whole Foods escorting Mr. Tribbiani over to a register that """just happened to be open""". By then we were checking out in our line and he was 4 registers down. As soon as I looked over and saw him smiling and talking to the cashier, it was 100% him. His facial expressions alone proved we were among greatness.

FYI - I don't know what Perez is talking about, Matt is a VERY handsome guy these days!

Tough Guy and I walked by him on our way out, and I wanted to scream 'HI MATT' and ask him if he needed any help with his grocery bags that I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU! but c'mon, even I have enough class to let stars do their food shopping in peace.

But did I make Tough Guy drive slowly by the exit on our way home to see if I could snap a stalker picture? Obviously, but the TMZ Gods were not on my side that day, Mr. LeBlanc was no where to be found.

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Hope said...

I have been known to stare at celebs like an idiot when encountering them in the wild. It's embarrassing!

Yummy Mummy said...

You are seriously a celebrity magnet!!! It must be all that fabulosity that you have coming out of you!

Hope you are feeling good! I would love to see you before the baby comes!!


Alicia said...

HYSTERICAL. I love it.
Love that you're sportin the bump to make your way through the store! Hope you had a great holiday!

Susan said...

That is amazing.

weezermonkey said...

You need to move to L.A. ;)

Arielle said...

Back in June my friend and her family were out to dinner (I forget where) and they saw BJ Novak. And he comes up to my friend's 23 year old sister (who is totally adorable btw) and starts talking and flirting with her. And then my friend comes up and starts being a crazy fangirl and essentially ruins her little sister's moment. She was not happy.

Lexilooo said...

um, coolest thing ever!

Katelin said...

oh what a fun celeb run in, i love it. and what? no jessica simpson sighting?? i guess there's still time for that right? haha.