January 4, 2011

the height of her shopping was writers blocking me

As soon as I heard those Kanye lyrics, this post was written in my head.

Happy 2011! Along with many bloggers, I always think at the beginning of the year, I will blog more. Its been hard to blog lately because Baby Q is literally on my mind 24/7! Obviously I take breaks to ponder other important things, like why did Taylor and Jake G breakup.. when are all my shows coming back on tv, and how Baby Q will be born before Brad hands out the final rose this season..

I know this will only appeal to a few ladies out there who enjoy hearing about corny baby stuff, but wanted to share a few outfits I've picked up and also some other clothes that family and friends have spoiled the little peanut with already..

Baby Gap, Marshalls/TJ Maxx & Carters have been the main shopping destinations.. And then I got caught up in the Burberry outlet and had to pick up a sweater. Did I pay more than I'd pay for a Julie sweater? Yes. Am I aware she'll probably only wear this once? Yes.

Baby Gap awesomeness. I wanted to buy that onesie, below, before we found out the gender but didn't want to jinx it! Luckily it was still there the day after we found out it was a girl. And the bathing suit? Psycho JQ bought 2 different sizes in the same suit just to make sure it'd fit for all the pool time we'd get in this summer (now we just need a pool!)
The aunties have already come out full force with spoiling this one, which are spread throughout this post.

Plus there are fun sites like Zulily with super sales on baby gear, blankets, pretty dresses and more (like the green plaid one below) Let me know if you want an invite..

Polos and Polos

If it was a boy, he'd be rocking sailor outfits. And if you ever see pants with bows on them? Just assume its PERFECTION.
Lexie tried modeling the Ducky Bathrobe..

I picked up this adorable outfit at Peek Boutique when we were out in Scottsdale.
Its never too early to start thinking about college.

Baby shoes are like crack.

And then I caved and bought the stroller I saw Bethenny using on one of the gossip blogs. Britax Cowmooflage print is adorable. I believe you don't use this type of stroller until a few months in though.. I'll be waiting :)

Still finishing up a few touches on the nursery (and trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with my elliptical machine that's currently taking up a corner of the nursery). And getting excited for the baby shower in a couple of weeks! For the nursery, I've been glued to sites like Etsy, Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids - as well as HomeGoods and Target. Plus all the Grandparents-to-be started spoiling us on Christmas so figuring out where to put the Babies R Us franchise we have in our living room is actually a fun chore.

Its been pretty good ride so far, I've been lucky. Although, I got Carpal Tunnel as a bonus pregnancy symptom, so I get to rock some sexy hand splints so my wrists don't feel like they are popping out of their socket every time I grab a dish or type on my keyboard. They say it will go away after the baby is born. Third trimester resorts back to first trimester symptoms (except just add 20ish+7 lbs and a thoughts full of OMG there's going to be a baby here soon). Speaking of baby, we got to see her at a 3D/4D ultrasound appointment my mom got us for Christmas. She's just chilling there doing yoga positions and has cute chubby cheeks!

She's now kicking all the time, and when I was watching (aka live tweeting) the Bachelor last night, it looked like an alien had taken over my tummy. She was moving all over the place- and you could actually see my tummy bouncing around.. Trying not to believe she was boycotting the show and asking me to change the channel.

Its now the part in the pregnancy books where they start talking about labor, so I've just skipped those chapters and bought new books to read about bringing home baby. I'll wait for the Lamaze class to hear about that fun stuff.

8 months down!

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Katelin said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee i'm so excited for you julie!! seriously you are going to have the most stylish baby on the block, i freaking love the clothes, so so so cute!!!

Alicia said...

That child is SO lucky. Those clothes are ADORABLE!!! I love it. I can't wait to see pictures of her wearing those grey ruffled pants!

so so so cute.

Home stretch! xoxoxo

Nanette said...

Girl clothes are DANGEROUS, particularly because you get to buy new wardrobes again and again as they outgrow them.

I ADORE all your choices! Such great taste!

Also, we need some bump pics! :::chanting:: BUMP PICS! BUMP PICS! BUMP PICS!

Arielle said...

I think that baby has more clothes than I do!

Elizabeth said...

I love baby shopping posts, and Zulily has been my very favorite thing! I just can't believe how time is flying!

It's not beautiful, but we got one of these so we can hopefully use our Maclaren stroller sooner (it might work with the Britax?): http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2299911

legallyheidi said...

8 months already?!?! WOWZA That's soooo exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

And holy oh em gee. Those outfits are the most freakin' adorable outfits EVER.

:) :)

We Are Not Martha said...

Julie!! She's going to be the cutest baby EVER!!! OMG I can't get over all the cute clothing... And the Burberry sweater... swoon!

Also, I can't believe she'll be here before Brad gives the final rose. SO crazy!!


Legally Brunette said...

You are my mama-to-be inspiration. Sending this to Mr. Brunette asap...just so he knows what he is in for!!!

Allie said...


Those clothes are amazing! And I ADORE ruffle bums on a little girl, too sweet!

I love these updates, keep them comming mama! And where's a 3D/4D pic of the little one? ;)

Emily said...

god, i wish i could put my son in a dress! LOVE the clothing selections and cannot wait to see pics of the nursery. :) xoxo

rebeccaj said...

when i'm tired from working 7 days a week so i can shop in baby gap, i'm blaming you. :) LOVE everything here, can't wait to see her in ruffles and bows.

Lexilooo said...

I love everything, especially the owls!

Betsy said...

DYING at all of these clothes. they are so stinkin adorable, and your daughter is going to rock them.

I like your "cool" stroller. is it weird to call a stroller cool?

thatShortChick said...

baby girl clothes are one thing that physically cause me pain because of the INSANE CUTENESS level. the bows on the pants? I can't even!!!

Jessica said...

I love everything about this post! You sound like you are doing so well.. she will be here before you know it.
I had to crack up at that last part. Trust me.. having all of that info is overrated. They will tell you what to do and she'll come out.

andrea said...

ahhh I cant believe you are 8 months!! so excited for you two! and your babe is going to be the best dressed munchkin!

Melissa said...

Love the baby tutu!! Such cute clothes! Love that you got a bathing suit for pool time and don't have a pool too :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

found your blog through annelise. So funny! I just read back through your posts, how did I miss the bloggerfest!? Good luck with your pregnancy. I think we're pretty close. I'm having a boy.

Yummy Mummy said...

Loving the clothes!!! Isn't shopping for baby THE BEST!!

Make sure you get most things 9months and up because they are in the little sizes for like a day, and nothing is more devastating than finding out that they outgrew something before you even got a chance to put them in it!

Congrats on 8 healthy months... you are in the home stretch now momma!


Susan said...

Time is flying! Julie, I am seriously so excited for you. Can't wait to have a baby Q at a meetup :)