January 9, 2011

To EW or to US, a Winter TV Post.

For the first time in while, I found myself completely drawn to this week's Entertainment Weekly instead of US Weekly. I skipped over just about every single 'big story' in US this week. Ryan and Sandy? Um, obviously that'd be amazing if it was true.. but they are so secretive, not even US will be able to crack that one until she opens up to People Magazine to say they are getting married! Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber? I'm 1.5 a couple years away from 30 and do not give a poop about a girl who looks like she is 12, and her little heart throb tween with a bowl cut who seems so wholesome that he must be pure evil. Taylor getting burned by Jake? Tay, I flippin' love your music, but this banging Hollywood hunks to get your song writing mojo is starting to get old. Teen Mom Amber Portwood getting into more trouble? I never experienced morning sickness until realizing how much $$$ this tasteful lady makes.

Yes, US Weekly. This week you made me bitter.

But EW?? EW made me happy happy joy joy! Not only did it try to prove that American Idol might actually make it without my favorite British Bloke.. but it also had NEW WINTER TV GUIDE! I even scanned in the page with the new episode premiere dates because I love you that much...

CLICK on it for the full image. This blog is not a center for ants that can't read good.

Parks & Recreation (Jan 20th, NBC). I'm telling you, if you haven't seen it already, you are LUCKY! That means you can watch Season 1 and 2 in one weekend and get to experience this awesomeness for the first time. The cast is awesome, and Adam Scott & Rob Lowe are coming back! Pure greatness.

Royal Pains (Jan 20th, USA). Confused as to why its coming back in the winter time- since all it does is glamorize the Hamptons over the summer. But at least it'll be fun to pretend like warm weather is almost around the corner.

Glee (Feb. 6th, FOX) 5 words I'd never thought I'd hear: "Julie, is Glee new tonite?" asks Tough Guy when he sits down and flips through the channels in our living room. I don't have to sell this show at all. Its hilarious, witty, bitchy and sassy.. oh, and they sing too.

RHONY (Feb 15th, Bravo). Not going to lie, they are going to need to have some Dr Phil this is how ladies be nice to each other sessions to win me back after still being stressed out from last season. I like TV Drama just like the next girl, but it was almost unbearable to watch Jill Zarin be a mean girl. Maybe with Bethenny moving onto her new show all will be civil in the land of the upper east side.

Perfect Couples (Jan 20th, NBC). Part of NBC's Must See TV Comedy night, anything can be new that is better than Outsourced. Granted I'm still bitter at that show because it tooks P&R's spot for debuting in the fall- but even after trying to watch 5 minutes of it? I busted out the Kindle and decided to read instead. Perfect Couples had a sneak peak episode a little while back, and it was actually pretty cute. Looking forward to see if it turns into a hit or not.

Tosh.0 (Jan 11th, Comedy Central). Daniel Tosh is back and he screens the entire internet and brings you the funny and ridiculousness so you don't have to. Season 3 starts this week, and all I have to say is his first web redemption guest is.. Antoine Dodson. It will be a magical night.

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Hope said...

I'm looking forward to Chuck!

weezermonkey said...

Yay for Parks and Rec!

As always, thanks for your support! :D

thatShortChick said...

words cannot properly express my unabashed adoration for EW magazine. it arrives every friday and I giddily drive home anticipating its arrival - this should provide you much-needed insight into the current (sad) status of my social life.

thatShortChick said...
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Yummy Mummy said...

One word.... Californication. Le swoon......

I agree, I simply cannot stand ONE MORE TEEN MOM. Those girls sicken me, and the fact that they are now "celebrities" is a gross view of our society.

I've never read EW... might have to give it a try now :)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Gossip Girl!!!