February 28, 2011

THE 2011 OSCARS covered by the experts

And the E! Live on the Red Carpet special started with Best Actress nominee, Jennifer Lawrence. She killed it! I hope she does some more movies soon! Because there's a good chance I'm not going to watch Winter's Bone.. too rugged. And I don't like squirrel soup.

Ohhhh nooooo! Mandy Moore looks like a vampire who was left out in the Twilight sun. Boo.

Lil Hailee Steinfeld totally reminded me of a young Gwyneth (from Seven) princess moment on the Red Carpet.

Michelle Williams - bringing her BFF Busy as her date. SO AWESOME. Michelle looked flawless in Chanel. One of my favs. The guys didn't understand her fashion though.. but they are meatballs when it comes to couture.

The Bale Beard. So necessary. Mark Wahlberg as your arm candy? Priceless.

Tough Guy: What movie was Halle in this year? Me: Ohh, it was Custody Battle. (regardless, this woman has not aged one second) And is probably the only woman there who could pull off such a fantastical dress (Mandy tried.. and failed)

The guys on Reece Witherspoon: She's bringing it, huh?? Me: Yes. Yes she is.

Her dress was a little too Julia Roberts circa 2007 in Valentino. But I loved the high ponytail. She looked youthful and fresh and happy - Jim Toth.. keep doing what you're doing! Granted I would have used that for a Golden Globes look.. but I have no talent so don't have to worry about organizing my red carpet looks for future awards shows

Oh Mila, you are sssoooo purty! And you know I love me a Lilac dress (brunettes can pull anything off, duh!) The pasties had the guys in my living room taking your look very seriously..

[The guys thought Nicole Kidman was dressed up as a priest.]

ScarJo's dress photographed a lot prettier than it looked on the Red Carpet. So its grown on me. Plus, I love her hair and makeup.

Camila Alves. Va va voom!! Stunning and flawless. I wish I could show her makeup to an artist and ask them to recreate that for me. Um, yeah you know you don't look like her one bit, right? they'd say. Le sigh.

"Don't worry, Julie.. I'm sure you'll bounce back just like Penelope Cruz two weeks after you have BabyQ" - my loving brother [silence in the room]

Overall? Where was the glamour???? Everyone seemed so casual. Its the Oscars, people!!

Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts. I though it'd be a lot smoother. I'm not sure if Anne was nervous or what, but she was totally awkward throughout the entire night. James was James.. but it just wasn't Oscar-worthy in my eyes. I almost missed Billy Crystal when he came out to talk (about what? still don't know). My biggest pet peeve of the entire broadcast? Hathaway doing the Real Housewives of OC Vicki's 'WOOT WOOTS!' after every single announcement. Completely inappropriate (gee, Julie, when did you become such an old fart???) I know I know.

Rachel Zoe did an excellent job though- I thought Anne looked stunning in her wardrobe changes, even the lacey number at the end.

The big winners of the night? No surprises there. Speeches were okay. Melissa Leo sounded like a train wreck up there though. I swear like a sailor myself, but the F bomb at the Oscars? Rubbish. Colin Firth, I think all women hold him dear to their heart after Bridget Jones Diary! (i do)

I might be the only one who appreciated what was the white tuxed beautifulness that was Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem.

Something bugged me about Sandra Bullock this year. She just looked pissed off the entire time she was on stage. Can makeup make you look mean?? I can't put my finger on it what it was..

Welp, folks.. there you have it. Oscars 2011. For some snarkier shenanigans, tweets are always the way to go. With blogging, you have a lot more time to think about it and edit it :)

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Kristen said...

You're not the only one who loved some Javier Bardin and Josh Brolin in their little white tuxes. LOVE. They made it work.

Arielle said...

I disagree with you on Michelle Williams (she looks so washed out!), Reuse Witherspoon (junior prom anyone?) and the white tuxes (cheesy). But Anne Hathaway? So awk!!

Megan said...

I thought Sandra just looked over-tired or like she had been crying... rather than mean.

rebeccaj said...

Sandra is a tired mommy, i think she needed a nap.

Definitely said the priest thing.

Reese tough? OSCAR BARBIE.

Lacey Bean said...

Every time Anne WOO'd like she was at a concert, I wanted to punch her.

Katelin said...

man i haven't even had a chance to think about a recap. but oh i agree, nothing was too WOW about this year, sort of a let down. but man did i love mila's dress. and hailee's, seriously adorable.

also, the show was so chaotic, and didn't flow at all! seriously whoever scheduled/wrote it needs to be fired.

Hope said...

I didn't like Michelle Williams' dress. At all.

Julie Q said...

Starting to agree with everyone about the Michelle Williams now! That mustard color dress she wore a few years back was a million times better than this getup

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I agree re: Sandra Bullock. At least she didn't have the clip-on bangs to hide her Botox botch job. Maybe it was the Botox that made her look mean and old and tired. Because really, there's a lot of new mommies on the red carpet (hello Penelope Cruz) who didn't look so... strained.

I thought Anne Hathaway was trying too hard to act young and casual. However I think she did a great job - was poised and on point. James Franco - this was NOT the right role for him. Needed someone with more pizazz and humor yet class like a Justin Timberlake.

And Rachel Zoe is a goddess in my mind after her work with Anne for this event. Every look she had was amazing. I die.

Julia R said...

I loved Michelle Williams' dress, but I wish her hair wasn't so white! My other favourite was Amy Adams, except for the weird ass emerald necklace she wore. It did not suit the dress.

But then I guess if someone offered me an emerald the size of a large pebble to wear for the night I totally would, regardless of what my outfit might be.