February 23, 2011

A Closer Look

- Bridget Moynahan's MORE cover story finally no longer has me stressed out about the Giselle-Tom Brady- Baby's Mama Drama saga that's been going on for the past couple of years. She definitely got a bad rap in the press... and maybe some of that also had to do with her playing Natasha on Sex & The City. Okay, maybe its more the latter. Still, the lady is gorgeous and I'm happy that everything is kosher. Plus, now BabyQ has 2X the chances of marrying a Brady Boy and Tough Guy getting some box seats for the Pats!

- Speaking of BabyQ, we've reached the home stretch and now its just a waiting game. Its pretty uncomfy being 9 months pregnant. Thankfully I have me some DVR so its easy to rest.. but then I drag myself out for a long walk to try and get things going. The dogs have been following me around all day so maybe that's a good sign?

-Showers galore! I've been blessed with some fabulous people around me. A month ago my mom and MIL threw a big shower where we got presents galore, and it was nice to see a lot of family that you don't get to visit with often. Work threw a surprise shower with lots of goodies and my favorite part was the Hollywood Baby Game: a board with starlets and you had to match their baby's names with their pictures. With about 20 people watching on, I went to town and completed the puzzle within a minute. "its like watching Rain Man" was a comment overheard during the game. *editor's note - the above picture is the 'before'. obvsAnd finally, had an amazing brunch with the original Boston Bloggers I first hung out with 2 years ago (maybe 3?? I dont even know). Chelsee, Susie (of We Are Not Martha), Becca and I went to Charlies at Chestnut Hill and there were way too many presents for BabyQ. I've learned that Bloggers outdo themselves when it comes to cute gifts! Her nursery is officially stocked.

- We saw Cedar Rapids this weekend and it was hilarious. Its about a small town guy going to an Insurance Conference in the Mid West. The cast was perfection.. John C Reilly was my favorite. I definitely recommend going to see it.


Hope said...

I really want to see Cedar Rapids!

Your loot is awesome. Baby Q is going to be well setup!

Katelin said...

yes! the hollywood baby game is so appropriate and i'm so proud that you did it in under a minute. woo!

and yay to the adorable baby clothes, seriously love it. woo baby q!

Legally Brunette said...

Hollywood baby game in under a minute? You are truly my sister from another mister....

So excited to hear your good news SOON!

thatShortChick said...

hollywood baby game? that sounds like my type of baby shower! I'm so excited for the arrival of babyQ!