February 2, 2011

My Valentine's Day Wish list

I told my husband not to send flowers to my office this V-day, like he's done so sweetly every year since we've been married. The best was the first year, due to a snowstorm I didn't even make it into the office on the 14th, but as soon as I walked in on the 15th, low and behold a gorgeous bouquet of roses sitting on my desk. Since I'm weeks away from BabyQ arriving, I'd much rather skip the work flowers for something a little outside the 'flower' box.

Edible Arrangements: Fruit and chocolate beats flowers any day of the week. Do people not realize they can treat themselves to a lovely bunch of roses for $9.99 - $14.99 any day of the week if they go to Trader Joe's or Wholefoods? Edible Arrangements are ahhhhmazing. And now instead of Chocolate Covered Strawberries, you can get Chocolate Covered Green Apples? Done and Done.

The New Tiffany Locks: We know I love all things Tiffany & Co. I was invited to go preview the New Tiffany Locks in Boston a couple weeks ago, but due to me usually going straight home from work to rest and be pregnant, I sadly did not make it over to play with the pretty jewelry. They did send me some lovely pictures though that I wanted to share!

These locks range from $100 to $125. Not too bad! And look! Blake Lively loves them too..

Anthropologie: Okay, anything you get at this store is hard to go wrong with! So many different things to choose from.. but I narrowed it down to a couple....

Anthro, A Friend at Hand Pen ($8.00) 3 to choose from.. all adorable

Anthro, Farfalle Bag ($198)

Alright, maybe only Blair Waldorf could pull this off. But I can't keep my eyes away from this red bag! Its more of a statement piece.. seriously.. I love this bag.

Paper Source: My favorite email this Valentine's Day season has been from two places.. Paper Source & someecards There are so many cute V-Day card kits you can pick up at Paper Source, and my favorite is the Mustache Valentine Card kit ($16.95). It makes 21 cards, so you have more than enough people's day you can make.

These kits are sold out online, but you can still pick them up in a store near you.

And yes, someecards has done it again. Captured a woman's true feelings.

Love it!!! And now an even better question.. what do you usually buy a guy on Valentine's Day? Last year I got Tough Guy his first pair of Ray Bans which have since been lost by me misplaced. eeek!

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Sarah said...

Whew!! Just got sucked in to the Tiffany vortex, but I'm back. I love V-Day!!! Those moustache heart cards are adorable!

We Are Not Martha said...

Awww I love it all. The Tiffany's necklaces are sooo cute. I think Chris and I are skipping gifts this year and just doing dinner... Saving for the wedding and all. Boo! But worth it :)

Yayy for Baby Q being a few weeks away!


Katelin said...

oh totally love that necklace, so cute. and i'm with sues, yay for baby q!! i can hardly wait, haha.

Julia R said...

Hee, I love someecards. They always know exactly what to say.

Susan said...

Someecards are the best! Our first year or so of dating, when Mike went to college and I was still in high school, I came home from school to a bouquet of flowers on my doorstep one valentines day. I loved it. Today though, not to be a Debbie downer, but I kind of don't like Valentines day. I love celebrating our anniversary but I hate the added pressure created by hallmark. Weird? Maybe....