April 1, 2011

Bravo to Bravo!

Bravo programming is such a treat these days. And after this weeks announcement of programming for 2011-2012, I am the happiest TV junkie out there!

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis: our favorite grumpy yet sweet house flipper is back as he redesigns people's homes and personal lives. I'm already a big fan of flipping out- and a big part of that is because of his interactions with clients.. now that its fair game to meddle in their personal lives? Genius and snarkalicious.

Its a Brad Brad World: NNNOOOOOOO! Was what went through my head when it was announced last year that Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe were breaking up. Now we don't have to worry about losing our Brad fix, he's getting his own show! Plus don't feel bad.. it was an amicable split (unlike the Tay Tay fiasco) and Rachel's show is still going strong and coming back for a new season.

Mad Fashion: I'm probably one of the only few people who don't get crazy about the fashion shows (ie: project runway) but I'm sure this will be kosher.

Most Eligible: Dallas: Um.. this will be a treat that I'll hide on the DVR from Tough Guy so he doesn't judge me. Its basically like Gossip Girl but based in Texas. Sign me up.

Million Dollar Listing: New York: I wish we could throw those easy going LA realtors (besides Altman because he's a fellow Masshole, therefore invincible) in the Big Apple. Because I'd love to see the difference in how much business they do aka I don't think they would be able to last that long.

Project Soulmate: Basically the Millionaire Matchmaker of NYC. Patti, I love you, but you were not meant for NYC when it comes to matchmaking. This past season was alright because of Patti and her crew, but in terms of the people she featured on the show- they were all pretty horrible. Project Soulmate features Lori Zalsow, who's considered New York's most devoted matchmaker. Cannot wait to check this one out.
PS. I still love Patti, but just as long as she's on the West Coast.

Ready to Wear: Inside a fabulous NYC Consignment Shop, it showcases some of their most fabulous finds (ie: Chanel Suits and this season's hottest Jimmy Choos'). THIS SHOW SOUNDS FUN!!!!!!

Tabatha Takeover: Now Tabatha is now helping out other small businesses, not just Salons anymore. My take? Anytime Tabatha walks into a business, all y'all should be scared. But for viewers? I want to scream like Oprah right now saying 'Please welcome TTTAAAAAAABATHA to your office. You are about to get fired or promoted.'

Top Chef Just Desserts, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, RHOBH, Bethenny Ever After and RHOATL. Hooray!

Real Housewives of DC. I'm sorry, but that show/season was absolutely horrible. I literally did not like one person on that show. Even the gay hairdressers were unlikeable.... Actually no. The person they edited to be the big villian, Kat.. was actually pretty decent as the season progressed. She was just British so it came across as cold and dry. I'm glad they made this cut. RSVP to that one, Salahi's!

What new Bravo show are you most looking forward to watching???

ALSO: Sarah brought up an excellent point in the comments. I forgot to mention Pregnant in Heels! Looking forward to that show starting up on Tuesday and will probably blog about it after the first episode. It wasn't on the list because it's already taped- but its definitely a new show. More to come on that :)

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Sarah said...

Thank you for this. I live for Bravo. Thoughts:
-Does that mean no more Flipping Out??
-No mention of Pregnant in Heels? I'm so curious to see what this will be like.

Pandesaldreamer said...

Loved this post. I'm a die hard fan of the BRAVO channel. Practically everything I watch is on that channel. Did you read Josh Flagg's book? I did and I enjoyed it! I can't wait to see Million Dollar Listing New York, Jeff's new show--love him! Does this mean his show Flipping Out will no longer be on? I heart Brad, but sad too that he's no longer going to be with Rachel Zoe. I think he kinda made that show a bit.

Julie Q said...

I think Flipping Out is still happening.. but you're right, they didn't mention it.

And yes, I will probably end up reading Josh Flag's new book, because I do love his thoughts and personality.

Athena Ortiz said...

I too love Bravo and all of their programming (well MOST of their programming).. I am excited for most of these shows, since I hadnt heard of most of them. Glad to see anything related to fashion, dating, matchmaking, real estate or Housewives.. But you are completely right about the DC housewives,, watched one episode and was completely bored with their overarching dramatic gobbledeygook. Miami was also a dud in my opinion. Cant wait for more RHONJ and RHOATL!!!

Marie said...

I really enjoy Bravo programming. They're well done, entertaining and has something for everyone - from those who like drama to those who just love to people watch. I like it all so keep bringing it on!!