April 28, 2011

The Finer Things Club, for a 7 week old.

This week I was extended a lovely invite from Tiffany & Co to visit their Natick Collection store to see what gorgeous gifts are in store for Mother's Day! "Bring Lil C" they said, and immediately I envisioned the Reece Witherspoon scene in Sweet Home Alabama.. but just throw in a little baby just shy of 2 months old.

As soon as we arrived to the party (the store had been closed for the event), we were greeted by Hope. She immediately bonded with Lil C and took us all around the store to show us all the pretty things that makes up Tiffany & Co. Hope was so knowledgeable of every single piece of jewelry and was great to talk with all evening.

I'd seen the new leather goods in the Catalog but finally got to see them in person. They are so chic with the solid brass hardware and signature color. Plus, I loved their presentation for the collection, because it made me feel like a professional photographer when snapping the above picture.

We then headed over to see some rings! Since I still have pregnancy fat fingers, my pinky was the model for the evening. Hope almost watched mamma and Lil C have a temper tantrum in a Tiffany's because I fell in love with these eternity bands! Hey, Tough Guy, our 5 year anniversary is this year. Just sayin'

I don't even want to talk about how much I love this picture, above. The next picture is a favorite too, appropriately.

And fellas, if you are every confused about what type of jewelry to buy a lady. FACT: you can't go wrong with diamond earrings.

In hot water? Get her some ice.

And as a pleasant surprise, they cleaned my T&Co jewelry that I was embarassed to bring since the necklace was for my 18th birthday (4 yrs ago. ha. right.) and it pretty much looked brown and tarnished. Within 5 minutes, it looked brand new (along with my bracelet)! You can bring your old Tiffany's in for a cleaning. DO THIS. Trust me.

I ran into Sarah of www.ShopSarahMac.com aka Boston Stylista who is even more fun to talk to in person (usually a hard fete in the twitter world) and got to meet some old twitter friends and new.I'd like to note, my daugher did not cry once at the event.People told me to enjoy these early months, because babies travel like luggage!

The ride home was torturous because I'd spotted a little blue box in the Tiffany & Co gift bag, but did not want to rip it open until I got home.

It was a night to remember, and I definitely got some great ideas for Mother's Day.. as well as birthdays and anniversaries. Check it out, because Tiffany's has something for you or mom no matter what your budget is.

And some day I'll pass this key necklace down to Lil C and show her these pictures of her first trip to Tiffany & Co.

PS. That cookie was delicious as I had it for breakfast the next day.

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Athena Ortiz said...

I ate my cookie for breakfast too! They were soooo good!!! I love everything about Tiffanys now.. The graciousness of the staff to the sparkling diamonds has completely turned me into their biggest fan! REally nice meeting you and Lil C, hope to see you at more events!!!

Katelin said...

oh man what a fun event! and i adore the necklace you got, so chic and simple and cute.

and love that lil c was such a gem, she just knew that if she behaved dad would get her something good for her birthday right? haha.

Alicia said...

Ahh, Lil C has great taste, just like her mommy. She keeps getting cuter! is that possible???

SeeLeigh said...

Ahhh, too cute. And I love how you want to pass down the key necklace to Lil' C! These pictures are great :) Can't wait to see you this weekend! [Chels]

thatShortChick said...

is there anything better than babies & little blue boxes?! (answer: OBVIOUSLY NOT)

Julie said...

This looks like such a fun event! I don't know how you waited to get all the way back home from Natick to open that little blue box.