May 2, 2011

If a Sheep Shears in the woods...

This weekend we made a very tough decision. We picked a Sheep Shearing festival over the Bacon and Beerfest. It was a tough call, but it would have been awkward rocking my kid in the little carrier while in line at a beer tent (actually, I'm sure it would have been somewhat acceptable).

The price was almost like a beerfest at $15 for each adult, but it was shocking that they didn't hand us any drink tickets when we gave them the cash. Apparently you go to these things sober?

So the first thing we did was walk around and get a feel for the event. It was spread all across the Gore Place and there were a bunch of different sections and tents with fun goodies.

But eventually we ended up where they sheared the sheep. I think that sounds correct. All I could think of was Babe the pig, and I wanted to go talk to all of them and see what's up. But Miss Lil C was passed the heck out the entire time we were there, so I let Tough Guy go up and take all the pictures while I hung out by the stroller.

This guy freaks me out a lil bit.

If I was a farmer, I would skip this goat, cos he looks bad ass.

And then we saw a Llama!!!! Llamas also get sheared.. but unlike Sheep, I noticed the Llama puts up a little fight during this process.

Who has two thumbs and thought this was a real bird for about 10 long seconds? This girl.

While Lil C was sleeping in her stroller, another love connection was made with O and E!

Q's nuts are the best in town!

We also saw an awesome presentation of how the dogs make the sheep go to certain places. Hi, I'm an idiot and didn't really listen to the part of why the dogs do this. I'm guessing its to make them go out into the fields for exercise and then back into the barn at night to sleep? Is this my application to 'Are you Smarter than a 5 grader?' Probably.

So it was a little goofy and a lot to soak in, but it ended up being a fun time! And we then went back to our house and had a little BBQ. Would it have been amazing had the weather been 10 degrees warmer? Yup. But I've accepted that Boston will continue to have this crappy weather after such a crappy winter...At least the Sheep and Llamas will now be comfortable with their wool coats removed. And that now helps me sleep at night.

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Hope said...

We saw two babies sleeping in slings, so you could have brought your cutie to the bacon and beer fest! No toddlers, though, so I think you need a babysitter for next year. ;)