June 13, 2011


hanging out with a gorgeous 3 month old! How the heck did this time go by so quickly? She is a very fun baby who is in the smiling and laughing stage which melts my heart every single second.

aching! My wrists started bothering me during pregnancy but they just assumed it was Carpal Tunnel. Welp, after the baby was born and 2 months later my wrists where still hurting, I went to see a Dr and it turns out I have Tendinitis in both of my thumbs (awesome side effect of pregnancy). I get to rock some sweet thumb splits which makes me want to be far away from a keyboard - thus the rare blog posts. But hopefully they will be feeling better soon! There's even an NYT article about this 'New Mom Syndrome' so I don't feel like I'm taking crazy pills and making it up.

glamming up Lil C's changing station. The magazines say to put colorful pictures or mobiles around the area for the baby to look at. So I took the pretty look book that I got at the Tiffany & Co party, started cutting and there you go: Princess Poop Station! Speaking of T&Co, I love their new website www.whatmakeslovetrue.com. Totally lost myself looking through pretty things and cute love stories.

watching mucho summer television. Summer by Bravo? So far so good. Real Housewives of Jersey needs to drop the Teresa/Brother Teresa story line though because its now taken up about 15 episodes. Unless he is married to Danielle there is no reason for him to be on the show. TrueBlood coming back in less then 2 weeks? Awesome. Jerseylicious back in action? Okay, fine I'm hooked. Single Ladies on VH1? Yep, got sucked into that. Mob Wives? Am scared of it, but I watch. Million Dollar Decorator is my favorite treat so far. Its way too ridiciulous, I actually had to make sure I wasn't sleeping/delusional and that it was an actual show.

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Nanette said...

Your Little Miss is ADORABLE! Ah-dor-ah-bel!

Katelin said...

boo to tendinitis! hope you feel better soon. and seriously i cannot get over C's cuteness, it's just too much.

Elizabeth said...

Three months--that's ridiculous! I kind of want everything to freeze for a while, but I guess I don't get any say.

And, ouch! I had no idea that even existed! I'm so sorry!

Susan said...

Time is flying! Would a second sip and see be inappropriate?

rebeccaj said...

can you come decorate my wall? thanks.

Hope said...

Baby Q is so beautiful!