July 25, 2011

Crafty Lil Lady

Today we stopped into the Paper Source to visit one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsee of We are Not Martha. She's one of the most creative ladies I know (um, hello, you can figure out that in 2 seconds reading her and Susie's blog!) so I was excited to pick her brain about some crafts I've started up with recently. Since my lil girl was blessed with a TON of hair, I've started making little bows for her. Might even start selling them on etsy, but we're thinking more of a Fall 2011 launch ;)
So far I've explained to my husband that it will be right up there with Susie Green's big creative rhinestone football jerseys on Curb Your Enthusiasm..

I'll share some of them with you soon!

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Katelin said...

seriously C just gets cuter and cuter. also i still can't get over how much hair she has, it's crazy and just so adorable!

rebeccaj said...

CHELSEE'S FACE! I love it. Seriously, those two make my day. (i <3 you too, jq)

SeeLeigh said...
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SeeLeigh said...

AHHH, this post made my LIFE. what a fun little crafty outing! and oh wow, my face. i'm clearly obsessed with her. so excited to see you both on sunday :) and i'll definitely get you a list of some ribbon/craft companies asap! looking forward to seeing all of your creations! xoxoxoxox

Tia said...

love Lil C and her cute bows!!