July 17, 2011

So many movies. Some awesome, some not.

I've seen way too many movies lately and wanted to share...

Soul Kitchen: Not since Amelie has there been a subtitled movie that I've enjoyed so much. Its based in Germany, and it is awesome. Its about a Greek guy named Zinos (*such a selling point right there*) who owns a tiny little restaurant that he's trying to get rid of so he can follow his girlfriend across the world. He then finds a crazy wild card chef that ends up reinventing the place. Its kind of like Empire Records but with a fryer. You will love all of the characters in this movie. Even though there is no Rex Manning day, it was far from a chick flick so you wouldn't be pissing your significant other off if you made them watch it with you. Tough Guy approved.

Horrible Bosses: Some genius theatre nearby plays a movie for new moms once a week. In the theatre, you can bring your baby and their car seat in, and there is a CHANGING TABLE right there in the venue. It is amazing. I checked it out this week and could not get over all the moms and babies there. Plus its a great way to socialize with your new mommy friends and get all the ladies and babies together. Oh, and we watched a movie too! Honestly, this movie could have sucked and I still would have been happy considering I got to see it in a real life theatre (pretty much the only thing I miss about life before LC). Jennifer Aniston was fun- but it was hard to buy the acting. She's too typecast for a Rom Com, so it wasn't that believable. I'd say wait for this to come out on video. Or see it at the theatre, I really don't care. PS. Colin Farrell was hilarious in this. And Jamie Foxx too!

Another Year: I feel like for every slapstick comedy, there is an indie flick thrown into the mix. I'd seen the previews for this movie, so was stoked to rent it on Apple TV. Its based in London showing the 4 seasons of a happily married old couple, and all the friends and family around them. I guess not everyone will enjoy this movie- it is a little slow- but I loved it. Even if you are not old, everyone can relate to this movie with the company surrounding this couple.

The Adjustment Bureau: The commercials tricked me into thinking this was like an Eternal Sunshine movie. I felt like I got slapped in the face when I watched it. There was no point to it. At all. But I would never consider watching Matt Damon for 2 hours a waste of time, so I give it an 'ehh'

And ALL 7 Harry Potter Movies leading up to the one that just came out. Yes, I caught up on all of them. Its easy to do that when you are in a Cabin in the woods in VT for 4th of July weekend with a Tough Guy, 2 dogs and a baby. Wow, there is a lot to Harry Potter. I completely missed the boat on these books. I will definitely read them to LC some day. But the biggest shocker was learning that ROB PATTINSON WAS CEDRIC! No wonder he had a cult following before Twilight. I did think it was very cool to see all those guys grow up on the screen throughout the movies. Emma Watson is fierceness. And Voldemort is a hottie.

Any good new movies on demand that I should watch??

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Nanette said...

I'll definitely have to check out that first one -- Amelie is one of my all-time favs.

And we liked Horrible Bosses a lot. I didn't mind Jennifer Aniston. I thought it was fun to see her in a different kind of role. Thought the movie, overall, was like a super long episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which we love.

Katelin said...

nicely done on the harry potter fest, matt and i own them all now so we're starting a marathon, haha.

also that german movies sounds great, adding to netflix right now.

i recommend (if you can take suspense and some graphicness) the swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so damn good. the whole series is excellent.

Hope said...

I thought that the Adjustment Bureau tried too hard to be too many kinds of movies - rom com, thriller, sci fi, etc. It ended up being none of those things. I was definitely disappointed in it.

I liked Bridesmaids a lot.

Sadly, we just haven't gone to many movies lately.