August 14, 2011

Adventures in Remodeling

After my huge comeback to the blogging world, we've hit a road block that is kitchen renovation. We've lived in our house for 3 years now, and had the goofiest kitchen in the world. It just didn't make sense. I tried to make it fun by painting a wall Salmon. If we had to look at a silly kitchen, at least I could enjoy the color. The Salmon color was also a good reason for the wheels to start spinning for my husband so that we could someday just gut the entire thing and make it fabulous. Apparently kitchens cost money?

We'd dealt with some bedroom renovations during my pregnancy, and it was not pretty. Plastering and a hormonal Julie make quite the bitchy mocktail. So we figured the most convenient thing to do is wait until the baby had arrived (raises hand for sarcasm). Between summer trips and moving out of the house during demolition, Lil C has slept in about 8 different locations within the last 2 months. (babies don't need a schedule, right?)

Thanks to friends and family members, being a gypsy has gone by pretty quickly. We're going to move back to the halfway finished kitchen and rough it for the rest of the month. Can't wait to share with you the finished project though, because its been fun picking out all the pretty things! And mazel to my husband who has been putting blood sweat and tears into this place while refusing to take any vacation days. Your wife can't wait to start cooking (or rather.. brushing up on some basic cooking skills). Thankfully the professionals are doing the rest of the room.

But I need your help. We took down a wall to combine our dining room to our new kitchen. I'm obsessed with grays on walls, but and looking for a fun curtain to tie everything together. My twitter pals recommended a bunch of awesome places to look online and we've narrowed it down to 2 different options -- but I threw in 1 more I just saw.

Anthropologie: This gorgeous flower print comes in a navy blue that is bonanas (if you watch Million Dollar Decorator- you get it). A little pricey, but only because you have to buy two of them. THAT'S WHERE THEY GET YOU! Having a baby makes you consider your budget now.. super fun.

Z Gallerie: I'm not sure they have stores around here, but Tia told me to check out their website and I am totally in love with this print called Mimosa Panels. I love the charcoal but just wish it was a tad lighter. So far this is my pick, but I can be easily swayed. And with a name like Mimosa you can't get any better than that.

West Elm: I totally didn't see these cotton printed leaf ones when I went to the store, but they are very low key and chill.

And on a random side note, I am secretly obsessed with these purple ruffled curtains from Urban Outfitters but would clearly be vetoed about putting them in our bedroom :)

Please, please, please let me know your thoughts on the ones I shared!! Thank you!

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Annelise said...

I vote for the Z. Gallerie (if you want to block light) or West Elm ones (if you don't).

As a crazy person, I used math to make these decisions. The Anthropologie ones are pretty, but cost over $50/yard. If you were to buy fabric yourself, there's no way you'd pay more than $20-ish a yard. It's just an outrageous markup!

secretlysupergirl said...

I think I like 1 or 2...but the purple one? Awesome. I think that would look superb with gray walls.

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I love the zgallerie ones as well. I'm sure you could find a coupon code online--or through young house love.

Katelin said...

those urban curtains are so cute! and so different, i definitely vote on those for a bedroom, haha.

as for kitchen i vote on the west elm ones and then the z gallerie. both are so cute and can't wait to see what you pick!

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

My sister has been curtain obsessed recently ( and she got Anthro curtains... and in person they are TOTALLY worth it. Gaw-geous and I am one to go cheap with things like curtains. I think she also liked ones like the Z Gallerie ones, though maybe from Ballard Designs?

They all are quite lovely in different ways, but I do agree with Annelise that you should consider whether you want to block light. :)

Hope said...

I'm guessing that you probably picked already, but I really like that second one!