September 16, 2011

More Julie and Jennifer and Missoni please.

Can I just say I'm obsessed with More magazine? I'd grown out of Cosmo cover stories years ago, though still love my Glamour subscription that I believe goes til 2013, but More magazine is 'more' my jam right now. HA! Especially the Julie Bowen September Issue. My favorite quote is "Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house." Well said Julie. PS. The cover image is absolutely beautiful

Here's my drunken lil lady passed out in her jumper.

Oh, and I'm annoyed with Brad Pitt. "Blah blah blah my marriage with Jennifer was boring." (direct quote.. maybe) Such class. Its been over 5 years, but there's no need for that. I still remember where I was when I learned Jen & Brad broke up. I was at a college party, and did want any normal blogger does at a party- goes on on one of the roommates computer because I have a sixth sense about this type of stuff! And then I drowned my sorrows in some Zima and played Kings out of respect.And I know what you're thinking.. a couple that highlights their hair together, stays together.

But Jennifer, you're better than that. Just look at how gorgeous you are, rocking this gorgeous new Tiffany & Co Reversible Tote. What I really want to know is how such a bag can make her legs look so amazing? That's pure craftsmanship.

And finally.. the Missoni for Target craze. When watching the segment on Today Show the morning after mentioning how the Target website had crashed due to pandemonium, Tough Guy just turns to me without saying anything. But we knew what he was thinking

So I responded.. "Please.. those people are all amateurs. I bought all my Missoni for Target items at 6am the morning of the launch.. and then I made ANOTHER order."

SO EXCITED! I know the haters on twitter kept on talking about "ohhhh Zig Zags, big deal" but they are a big deal to me. A really. big. crazy. deal. And all 12 or so items are being shipped early next week! Will post it all when it gets here!

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Katelin said...

that picture of C totally cracks me up. babies can seriously fall asleep in the weirdest places and in the oddest positions, love it. also can't wait to see what missoni stuff you got. i have to admit i didn't even know what it was before the target site crash, haha.

thatShortChick said...

babyQ! how is that little lady doing? I fully expect to see a post detailing her missoni outfit :)

Elina said...

Her legs look sick in that photo. WANT. lol
Brat sucks.
Also, I've never heard of More. Have I been living under a rock? Probably.

poppyandsugar said...

Haha! The quote "Children are like crazy, drunken small people in your house" is so funny and it is true! Your baby looks so cute! I always remember the day when Brad Pitt and Jennifer got married, but I thought they would be together forever...It has been for a long time since their marriage and divorce, I do agree with you that Jennifer looks great now!