October 18, 2011

Curls, Curls, Curls.

I've always had long hair, but have had no clue how to curl it. Naturally my hair is thick and straight... with an awkward wave thrown into the mix if I air dry it. I've owned many curling irons, and even dabbled with the 'straight iron curl' which had pretty decent results.. but I finally have found the best way to curl my hair and wanted to share with you!

I discovered this on Youtube, which has become my go to for 'how-to' videos... yes, I'm sure I've discovered this about 4 years later than the rest of society.

I'd watched about 10 videos before stumbling across this one. And as trying as it was to get through this video with some of the babbling, its by far the easiest one to follow, and the results were amazing. I'm talking.. 2 fulls days of gorgeous hair.

* Always wash/dry your hair the night before. The oil in your hair will help save the curl.
* I used a heat spray that I got for $5 at CVS, and this Cristophe Shaping Spray ($9.99)
* The back to front method, along with which way to curl your hair with the curling iron were the big pointers that I'd been previously doing incorrectly
* Amount of time to do this varies.. since I have a ton of hair, it can take up to 40 minutes aka the entire duration of a baby Q nap.

Next time I do it I will take a picture of day 1, but here is a picture of day 2.

Let me know if you try it out!! I highly recommend it.

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Sarah said...

YES! I am totally obsessed with online hair tutorials. Can't wait to try sock bun curling. Your day two hair looks great!

Susan said...

THANK YOU for doing the leg work on this one. I can't wait to try this.

brookem said...

Love youtube video tutorials lately! I followed Michelle Money's curling one not long ago... check that out!

Clancy said...

This blog post just changed my life. My curls never stayed and the ends always looked damaged and terrible. Currently rocking this look for going out tonight and it is money! Thanks girl!

Hope said...

Looks good! My hair sortof does that on its own, so no tutorial for me. :P

Although I think that your hair looks much cuter than mine. ;)