October 23, 2011

TV Review: Sweet Home Alabama

The premise.. take ABC's The Bachelor & Bachelorette shows, and give them a little southern twang. I watched the first season of CMT's Sweet Home Alabama earlier this year when they had a blond hair gorgeous southern belle, Devin, find true love via reality tv when they introduced her to a bunch of southern gentlemen, and then brought in some damn 'yankees' aka city guys. My only problem with the first season was the guys they used as 'city folk' were your typical stereotypes. You have the Jersey Shore Guido (who literally was Snooki's ex from 2 years ago who is Mr. Meatball), you have the 'wall street exec' and I should use double quotations to emphasize the sarcasm, because you really should just say 'tool bag in suit'. Of course the girl was going to pick a Southern Gentlemen. That's like asking someone if they want to be fixed up with an Abercrombie Model or The Situation. FYI, I would choose an Abercrombie BAG over The Situation.

Well the new season started up this past week and now it was time to make it The Bachelor-esque, finding true love for last season's runner up. A guy named Tribble. Now, don't feel bad for Tribble because he came in 2nd place. This guy was voted Cosmopolitan magazine's 50 hot bachelors in 2008, and was a star football player at Clemson.

First they introduce you to the southern belles. And of course they are all melt-your-heart-girl-next-door-pour-you-a-glass-of-sweet-tea-fabulous. I could not wait to see what they would drag in as the City girls, but I have to admit, it wasn't as 'stereotypical' as one would expect. Except for OC-licious aka a Snooki wannabe. The rest of the City girls were pretty cool. You had a blogger from Cali, a couple NYC ladies, NO ONE from Boston, some ladies from Florida- even though I was confused how they weren't part of the Southern girls crew after I stared at a map for awhile.. and yes, Florida is in the South.

Oh wait, I take that all back. I forgot to tell you one of the girls is Hailey Glassman from the Jon & Kate Plus 8 scandal. She is the wildcard, has no charm and wants you to feel sorry for her because she got 'played' by Jon. Tribble will probably keep her around for a couple weeks though because she's good tv.

Anyhoo... I give it this show two thumbs up. Its on CMT Thursday nights. I actually enjoy the set up a lot more than ABC's style, because:

1. There is no Chris Harrison. I know, I know, I'm usually a Chris Harrison fan, but after seeing a format without a host like that- it's so nice not to have the most redundant questions and observations expressed all the time. "Tribble- there is one rose left" "Ladies, this is the last rose" "Tribble- have you made your decision" "Ladies, if your name is not called you must grab your belongings and leave"

2. There is no rose ceremony. While all the girls are hanging out drinking beers with red gingham ribbons covering the beer label, Tribble sends his old trusted friend (I think his name is Buck) to tap a girl on the shoulder and bring them over to a quiet area (inside a barn, or down a country road) to have a one on one conversation with Tribble. BUT, the twist is... it doesn't mean you are automatically sent home. Sometimes its just Tribble asking you to go on a date.

PS. The only reason why I used the Jason Mesnick rose ceremony picture was because of my encounter with him and Molly while we were on vacation!!

3. Its not as dramatic, which is something I have grown to appreciate these days (I am currently burnt out by this past season of Real Housewives of New Jersey). The girls seem to get along a lot better although we are only one episode in. Plus as someone who has lived in the North East her whole life, its a fun watch, much like Hart of Dixie.

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Lexilooo said...

wait, you met jason and molly?! I missed that!

Hope said...

Is the tagline "The Trouble with Tribble?"

Oh god, I am such a nerd.