November 20, 2011

Shapin' Up

I've had this blog for 6 years, and scrolling through all the posts I've written over the years.. I've come across quite the pattern. I blog when I'm happy. I don't blog when I'm not. Don't get me wrong.. I love snarkiness.. but I guess when I'm happy, things seem more blog worthy. Not even just personal things.. everything seems more interesting enough to share with my readers.

I also didn't blog a lot when I was pregnant.. it was a super happy time, but also the most anxious I've ever been in my life. For reals.

Finally having the motivation to starting to workout again has helped. I did Stroller Strides over the Spring and Summer which was monumental in making sure Mom didn't get the Baby Blues, while bonding with other new moms. But that was more social and fun and the baby was involved. Now I've finally turned to my family and said "Here, you watch the little one" while I go jump on the elliptical or stepper. Or taking advantage while the baby naps, and getting a sweat in. Once the workouts started again, that's when I started thinking more about the things I was eating. This is all still a work in progress.. with a long road ahead of us no more getting mad at my double chin that Baby Q forgot to take with her at birth! But its nice to have all this spinning around in my head again. 2008 was the last time I'd been excited about eating healthy.. how the HELL has it been 3 years???

And even more random? Pinterest has been awesome for motivation to work out again [all the images in this post are cute things I've seen pinned] There are so many more great images and resources on that site if you have to time to check it out (just search 'health' and you'll see about a thousand different things to look at). My favorite time to 'pin' is at night after dinner. Check it out, its highly addicting and follow me at Julie_Q!

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Hogger and Co. said...

Love this post Julie, it's so motivating. I (hoggerandco) am following you on Pinterest; seriously addictive! We should get that coffee sometime, too! :)

Hope said...

I just started training for a half marathon. It's making me feel much, much better.

Yara Simón said...

Really loving this post. I have been trying a 60-day challenge of sorts, and I am really pushing myself more than I ever would. Good luck with your goals.