November 9, 2011

Two things I took away from the Kardashian Wedding Special

1. Kim and Kris were not meant for each other. And this is coming from the girl who thought Vienna and Casey had a chance on The Bachelor Pad.

2. I must have Kim's makeup organizers.

I completely forgot about both these things until Kim filed for divorce. Thankfully that reminded me to be researching where to buy those makeup organizers that Kim has set up in her bathroom.

For only a small price of $290, you can have the exact model that Kim has! $290? And she has 2 of them! I literally thought it would be $25... maybe $40. I cannot justify this purchase. But now its all I can think about. I tried googling other ones, because all I see is 4 walls of plastic glued to one another. With about $3,000 worth of MAC & Nars makeup on the inside

There will be a follow up post when I figure this one out, as I have a night of research ahead of me.


[they are to me.. oh yes, there are to me]

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Laurie said...

Try The Container Store --- they have a nice variety of clear acrylic organizers. Do you read Into the Gloss? I was inspired by a post she did on makeup organization --- and hers was from The Container Store. Check it out!

Bex said...

if you figure it out, LET ME KNOW! been dying to get similar ones ever since i saw them on KUWTK!!

Hogger and Co. said...

Hahah, I thought the same when I saw her makeup containers - I can't believe they're so pricey - wait, no, I can.

Hope you figure it out! Keep us posted!

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at Breakfast at Tiffany's!

thatShortchick said...

would we expect anything less from Kim K when it comes to makeup organization?

have you tried the container store? I would be very surprised if they didn't have a similar style available. even bed bath & beyond carries a lot of storage contatiners like those too.

Hope said...

Ikea might have something similar...