December 13, 2011

Champions for Children's

Earlier this month I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Champions for Children's Event at the Seaport World Trade Center as Tough Guy's plus 1. This is considered one of the ultimate fund raising events of the year for Children's Hospital Boston. They raised over 3.5 million dollars this year!

It was a "Victory Parade" themed gala, and it replicated the parade route in the room complete with the Duck Boats! The beginning of the night there was a silent auction, that had everything from Golf packages, Spa packages, Designer Clothing, Tropical Vacations, and even a visit to the Jimmy Fallon show...which was obviously valued at 5 billion dollars in my eyes..

I believe this was Miss Teen NH.. my research department is on vacation this week.

After a lovely dinner, the live auction began, and that's when the big donations showed up. I've never been to a real auction before, it gets very intense and exciting! Throughout the night they also showcased so many great stories about some of the patients and its so nice when you see the athletes spending time with the children and lifting their spirits.

The Bruins received a special tribute and a table (of ballers) even bid $25,000 to have the 2011 Stanley Cup at their table! Which was pretty hilarious because that meant basically most of the room would be walking up to you to take a picture of your table all evening. The auction items were pretty cool- one was a mega packed trip to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, another was a Red Sox game and your date would be Mark Wahlberg (Tough Guy had to hold my arm down from raising my hand for that one!), and some other cool events like a private plane to Vegas to go see Elton John (they handed out 2 of those packets for a cool $70,000 each! -- we only be $55Gs so sadly we lost. hahahahahahaha righto)

It was an awesome night and it was so cool being at an event with all the Bruins. Tough Guy even got mistaken as one at the bar. Next year that baseball game with Marky Mark is mine.. I'm going to put $5,000 in savings every week until then.

Have you ever been to an auction??

I feel like I would be the best auctioneer ever.. I am excellent at fast talk mixed with jibberish and shopping ;)

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Hogger and Co. said...

I agree, I think you'd be awesome as an auctioneer!! I love that you have a photo with Chara! Great event coverage - I've only ever been to an antique auction but it was BOO-RIIIING!

Lexilooo said...

oh my gosh, this sounds like such a fun night! I've never been to an auction...

Noelani said...

Oh I love auctions of all shapes and forms- charitable, formal, you name it (obsessed with Skinner in Boston- they are across from Finale downtown!). They are so fun...though you need to be careful not to get too caught up in them! Looks like a fabulous night.

Hope said...

I knew Chara was tall, but holey moley is he TALL! :p