January 15, 2012

Stripes and Whites: a DIY Closet Makeover

I've been bitten by the craft bug! There are so many fabulous blogs out there that I've been pining over lately with projects I want to try out.. well this weekend I tackled my first one inspired by Jen at Tatertots and Jello: making a striped closet.

We have this closet in our house that is basically our hamper. Its boring and dull and ends up being 'that place where you throw random things'. Well no more. It started with a trip to the Home Depot at 7am on a Saturday morning, picking up the following:
I opened up the closet door and tried taking a picture. Since my computer desk is about 5 feet away from the closet door, I couldn't back up enough to take a picture of the before. Have no fear.. with my photoshop skillz I was able to puzzle it together for you by taking a bunch of pictures and grouping them together.. and here you go.Text ColorSo after emptying the closet and washing the walls and sanding it a little, I applied the frog tape and crossed my fingers it would come out straight... [along with using a level of course].
And then it was paint time. It was hard to screw up the paint job with the frog tape being there. I did 2 coats of Martha Stewart Glidden paint in Lagoon [waiting an hour or so between coats]

I removed the frog tape immediately after the second coat was applied to reduce the risk of paint going through the tape and ruining my stripes and dreams.

With only a couple of hiccups in the corners-- apparently I didn't apply the tape as well as I should have for the corners-- I was extremely happy with the results!

Although this was entirely a Julie DIY.. I asked Tough Guy to put up the new wire shelf and the iron caddy on the walls, which he was a doll and did.

Let me know what you think!
Obviously I'm bummed that I couldn't get enough room to take a full picture of the new laundry closet.. and the jumbled group of pictures doesn't do it justice.. so each of you will just have to come by the place to see it, and we can talk amongst ourselves while I do some laundry for you ;)

What has been your favorite DIY project?

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Yiayia said...

Congratulations, Julie. I love it!

Hope said...

Very cute!

Hogger and Co. said...

Wow, great job!

thatShortchick said...

love the color choice! I could never do a craft that involves painting, it would a complete sloppy mess.

Susan said...

Love it! And can't wait to see it :)