February 16, 2012

Haven't had my Babyccino yet..

My cousin, Leslie, sent me an article in the Huffington Post yesterday about an interesting new trend among some parents in Brooklyn..

"That's right, cutting edge mommies and daddies of Brooklyn are apparently ordering "babyccinos" for their youngsters, some children as young as 2-years old." {huff post}

What WHAT? I mean, I always joke about Lil C not getting to try my sugar free Red Bull until she's at least 3 years old (and by that I mean 18) but these people are for real!

Reading more about the trend, it points out that for $2 this 'off the menu' item is a macchiato-like drink that features a shot of decaf espresso topped with a frothy steamed milk. Kids love it because they can be just like mom and dad hanging out at the coffee shop. I sound like such an old fart, but I think kids should stick to their sip-pee cups. But then again, my darling C is just shy of 1 years old, so we're still on bottle service in this household..

I just could never imagine her drinking a coffee- and why would a toddler even enjoy the taste of coffee? I didn't even start drinking coffee til I was 14 years old. Let's keep these little tots as young and innocent as we possibly can.. these days with the Internet we're already doomed, let's not add any more jolts to it. bahaha

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Hope said...

Even decaf has a little bit of caffeine in it. I wouldn't order one!

Emily said...

hell no. then again, remember that some parents put soda in their kids bottles and sip-pee cups. unreal!

Kristen said...

I had to read the blog post title twice before I could even comprehend that what you're talking about is real. That is ridiculous!

Hogger and Co. said...

WOW< really?!! NO WAY!
I wouldn't do that. Maybe if it was all steamed milk.

thatShortchick said...

I saw KLG & Hoda talking about this on the fourth hour of the today show and they brought up the point that, a lot of the times, parents will allow their little ones to copy them in clothing, tech toys, and even beverages. They provided an example of parents ordering a real cocktail and then allowing their child to order a mocktail such as a shirley temple so they could be like mommy/daddy.

Personally, I dislike the notion of allowing kids to emulate adult behavior. there's a reason they're kids!