February 7, 2012

Here's what.

{a phrase borrowed from my mentor Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live}

Friendship Bracelets! I mean, I shouldn't need a reason to wear a neon pink bracelet (above, $55, by MadeByGirl) but I would just LOVE to say its because my BFF gave me it. Some of my blogger BFFs (BBFFs) might need to get in on this action. Refinery 29 has a fun slide show with ones of all different designs and prices. So many cute ones out there!! xoxo

Keira Knightly's eye makeup. Its very bold, but not Kardashian bold (aka slightly bizarre). Glamour Magazine breaks down how you can achieve this look.

The Boob Beanie. This amazing baby hat on Etsy will make most people crack up and smile while also causing a ruckus around stuffy annoying people who bitch about breast feeding in public. I personally was more of a 'hooter hider' bf'er, but think that beanie is adorable!

And this by far takes the {birthday} cake...

Matt Lauer and French Fries on your special day? This kid is going to take over the world some day {via Buzz Feed}

Also? Matt Lauer makes Winter Wear worth having a Winter for. Look at that swagger coat.

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Katelin said...

i seriously need that friendship bracelet, it's so cute.

thatShortchick said...

I want that friendship bracelet! and sadly, it was not listed on madebygirl's website :(