February 13, 2012

Oops I craft my pants.

After a fun filled Christmas Blogger Craft night back in December, we made sure to try and have a glitter date night as much as we possibly can. Obviously a Valentine's theme was appropriate, so Becca, Chelsee, Susan and myself sought out to make v-day beer koozies and mason jar candle holders. We followed a fab tutorial from Tater Tots + Jello, and they came out ssssooo good!!
Things you need:
mason jar, polyurethane, glitter, a flame-less votive {NOT a real candle} & contact paper

1. Start with cutting out a little shape that you'd like to stick on the inside of the mason jar. We went with a heart shape.

2. After the sticker is applied, pour a little polyurethane in the mason jar and put the cover back on. Shake it up so it coats the entire inside of the jar.

3. Throw some (or rather A LOT of) glitter in there and go bananas shaking it up. You want it to completely cover the jar.

4. Let the glitter set overnight (since this wasn't going to be a blogger sleepover, I just threw the jars on my back porch so it'd dry quicker).. plus the smell of the polyurethane was pretty intense! Blarf.

5. We threw in some red 'mike and ike' candies before adding the flame-less votive candle. Also, I cut out a little circle to put on the cover of the mason jar so it'd look pretty.

{Real tea light candles would probably make this craft project blow up in flames and ruin blogger craft night all together- so only use the flame-less ones}

Voila! Finished! FYI: You can totally do this project all year round.

I made a couple gifts for friends where you either cut out a heart or their Initials and then glitter it up. It looks so pretty on your window sill.

The Love Koozies on the other hand, were much more difficult. We had to take heart stickers and stick them on a pink koozie that I picked up at Michael's.

This little one was very entertained by us crazy bloggers laughing and glittering all night. Though at the end of the night she called us amateurs since those were the types of projects they teach one in preschool, but still an A for effort. xoxo

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Katelin said...

eee love the pink glittered jars, so cute! also cute, lil c. seriously she kills me. how is she so big!?

Annelise said...

Okay that was the best title ever. And I love C's haircut!

Hogger and Co. said...

That's so cute; adorable idea.

jfsalcedo said...

Hehehe nice title. I've done little candle projects with my little cousins in the past, and I've learned that flameless tea light candles save you from um...accidents.