February 2, 2012

Thank you, Amazon Mom

The Internet is the best place to go when you are upset at the world or want to bash a place or service, but this is not one of those posts. This morning I received an email letting me know that my Amazon Mom deal will be expiring in a week after one year of service, and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Amazon Mom program.

I signed up right around the 38th week of pregnancy (the fun weeks! fml) and was shocked at the benefits that sounded too good to be true: the gift of Amazon Prime for free. Amazon Prime (normally $79) is when you get 2 day shipping on any item that has the little prime logo attached to it (most items have them) and a lot of other fun things mentioned here. I really didn't appreciate it until my little bundle arrived, and realized all these random things you needed but were way too tired to go out and get (let alone figure out how to actually bring your baby with you to get said items). But low and behold, a new amazon package would arrive and save the day. Boogie wipes (look it up, its a real item), diapers, baby wipes, baby spoons, sip-pee cups, teething toys, more toys, baby books, mommy books, you name it, it was ordered. And then you realized you didn't have to just order baby items with Amazon Mom.. but that's another story right there

PS. Tough Guy was a huge endorser of Amazon Mom because it saved him many trips to the store!

After changing the program (thankfully I was grandfathered into the original deal) New moms (and dads) will now have to join a waiting list that I believe they'll only receive the 2 day free shipping benefits for diapers and some baby items only. I can't say how thankful I was for the program and what a genius marketing ploy on their end, since I drank the Amazon Prime kool aid and will definitely sign up next week when I no longer have my *free* cyber mother's helper I've come to depend on!

Also? I learned that you can also 'borrow' books in the Kindle shop for free instead of having to buy it!

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Hogger and Co. said...

You got the DOG via Amazon MOM!?