March 27, 2012

The Hunger Hangover

I wish I waited until 2016 to read The Hunger Games trilogy, so I could watch all three (maybe four?) movies in a row. But at least we were treated to the first movie this weekend.

Tough Guy had been meaning to read the first book before our big movie date, but decided he wanted to be surprised after hearing all the hype from me and the rest of the world. My lovely Yiayia came over to watch C last Saturday so we could head into a 10 am show in Boston. THAT'S HOW WE ROLL. With traffic, pedestrians, road work, a moron stopped right in the middle of the parking garage so no one could pass her while her passengers unpacked all their luggage for 5 minutes.. we basically experienced our own Hunger Games to see this movie. Alas, we made it to the theatre to find it absolutely packed.. except for 2 spots in the 2nd row. Sitting through the previews, and at this point, Tough Guy just sees me shaking my head, about to cry because this is not how I wanted to watch the movie.. sitting that close makes it feel 3D in the worst way possible!!! Being the amazing husband that he is, he nudges me and says 'There's a 10:30 show next door, let's go' and just like that, we were back to an appropriate viewing distance, and the previews were starting once again..

A few thoughts.

I completely thought the Abraham Lincoln movie was a true story ALL THE WAY UP UNTIL the title appeared at the end saying "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (see the trailer here). I'm not sure what this says about me. I just kept saying to myself.. wow.. shit was CRAZY back then! In my defense, there were no actual vampires shown in the beginning.. just a lot of bad ass-ness going on.

The Hunger Games cannot be compared to Twilight. Even when they showed the silly little Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer, I just rolled my eyes because it looks like a SNL parody.

Snow White and the Huntsman looks AMAZING. Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in the universe, and even more gorgeous as an evil queen. The effects, the wickedness, even Tough Guy is stoked to see it. (see trailer here).

Alright, now onto The Hunger Games. Fantastical. The casting was perfect, although I still am not sold on Peeta. But that's mostly because I had pictured Dan from Gossip Girl (including his voice) in my head when reading all 3 of the books. Even Tough Guy said it was one of the best movies he's seen in awhile (note: we watch a lot of cinema). Yeah you can get into all the little details after the fact, I09 lists some of them here, but I totally think it does the book justice, and is not cheesy NOR too gory.

I was Team Peeta all throughout the books, but I'm kind of on a Team Gale kick after seeing the movie! Miley's boy was pretty dreamy and I totally picked up more chemistry between the two.

Basically, the moral of this post is to go see the movie- don't wait until its on demand.. you will not be disappointed!!

[At least I have a couple years to re-read the last two books since I basically skimmed through them needing to know what happens at the end. tehehehe]

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Nanette said...

We had to walk through like 5 dark hallways to get into the actual theater to see it this weekend, and Brent said, "What is this, Hunger Games, The Ride?"

Katelin said...

eeee i so wish we could have seen this together, haha. i liked peeta, not totally sold on gale though, ha. but overall i really loved it, thought it was all spot on how i imagined it.

as for those trailers, i cannot wait for snow white, it looks so good! and abe lincoln, i definitely recommend that book, one of my favorites of last year, so entertaining and crazy.

thatShortchick said...

I agree with Katelin, I wish I could've watched this with you!! after all, you're responsible for my hunger obsession!!

I thought the snow white trailer looked amazing as well but it looked a tad too intense for me to sit through (hi, I'm a wuss).

I was surprised by Gale for two reasons: (1) I totally didn't know he was Miley Cyrus' "dude" or whatever so that bummed me out a bit and (2) he looked SO MUCH older than all of the other boys. I was like, "who let the 30 year old in the reaping?"

Hope said...

I think we're going this weekend. I can't wait!!!

Annelise said...

You are too funny! I was Team Gale going into the movie and Team Peeta coming out.

Don't feel bad about the Abraham Lincoln thing. I think it will be fantastic. I thought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was going to be awful, but it turned out awesomely.