March 8, 2012

Hungry for Katniss!

Alright, have all 4 of my readers caught up with The Hunger Games yet?? Only 15 more days til the movie comes out!!!

Here are some fabulous things to keep you distracted until then...

Get your nails did. China Glaze has a fabulous line called 'Colors from the Capital'

My fav? Coal Hearted - inspired by District 12. Genius.

This new clip of Cinna and Katniss. I'm obsessed with the Lenny Kravitz casting. [Along with the rest of the casting for this movie]

EW's latest issue was short and sweet, but had the perfect amount of teasers for the movie... plus some goodies on their website as well!

Hunger Game's soundtrack can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Its available on March 20th. And here's a fun link to Taylor Swift and The Cival Wars singing one of the songs.. put together a fierce wardrobe inspired by Katniss.. here are a few of the outfits

Reaping Day.

Closing Ceremonies.

And for makeup? had a fab makeup 'how to' for a Hunger Games inspired look. I think you should rock it when you go see the movie.. for sure

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Katelin said...

I pretty much need to own that yellow dress.

Also I adore everything about this post, YAY HUNGER GAMES!

thatShortchick said...

HUNGER GAMES!! so much excitement!! and I need to hunt down that nail polish collection because I pretty much want all of them.

Hogger and Co. said...

No, I have not! Can I finish it in 15 days?

Konakid said...

The nail polish picture spelt Prim's name Prime... -_- stupid muggles