April 24, 2012


Ever since Instagram came to the Android earlier this month I've gotten a taste of the awesomeness that is finally having fabulous phone pictures. I don't think I'll be ever be able to take a normal phone pic again. Here is a great 'easy how to' for new Instagram users by @fatmumslim that I found on irocksowhat's blog.. fyi its new favorite blog I just came across through pinterest!

Between DIY braids for myself to pigtails for my little sidekick! This bohemian braids tutorial was probably the easiest one out of the videos I browsed on youtube.

And for Lil C?

So as cliche as a stay at home mom can get, I've joined a book club with some other fun moms from a play group we've been hitting up. The first meeting was a meeting to discuss what the first book would be. Let's just say 2 hours and countless sips of wine later, we finally started talking about some book choices. Obviously I suggested Fifty Shades of Gray since that's all the Today Show seems to be talking about these days.. which will be the 2nd book we tackle. The first is 'Kissing the Witch' by Emma Donoghue. Unfortunately its not offered on the kindle, so I haven't actually started reading it yet.. BUT amazon prime will have it here in 2 days, so until then..

This is basically an open ended topic, since DVR is very close to my heart. Mad Men is just spectacular so far this season. Everything about it. And I love the Jezebel recaps each week, I pick up about 50 things I missed during the episode. Tough Guy is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, he's on the 4th book right now. The show is crazy good- but the last episode was just straight up weird to watch!! Its like they are trying to do too much shock factor. And I miss Ned Stark. He wouldn't let that shit slide if he was still Hand of the King.

Over in trashy reality tv land (aka my favorite place on earth) I'm so happy to have the Jersey Housewives back in the mix.. and have recently decided I will be organizing a Glamping trip in the future, a la RHOC. Glamping is like camping, but instead of tents you have luxurious cabins (the luxury is the electricity, bed, and bathroom) and there is a concierge on call for every little thing you need in order to 'rough it' in the woods.  Who's in???

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Hogger and Co. said...

Yay for Instagram on Android! Jezebel is such a hilarious site!! You lil' girl is adorable!!

Katelin said...

oh sweet mercy lil c's pig tails are freaking adorable. gah, so much cuteness!

Hope said...

Lil C + pigtails = so freaking cute!

I have yet to join a successful book club. Call my crazy, but I actually want to talk about the books that we read!