April 19, 2012

Olive Juice, Mother's Day Edition!

Although Vicki G on Real Housewives of OC's boyfriend Brooks has almost tainted the beauty of Card Giving (ie: he sends her a cheesy Hallmark Card every day sometimes 3 times a day)..

 Here are some cute Mother's Day Cards for this year! Order it now so you don't have to wait for the last minute to stand in the picked over card aisle at CVS the Saturday before.

TREAT yourself. 
I'm a huge huge fan of Tiny Prints customized cards. They are cheaper that most of the ones you'd find at Papyrus or even Target, plus you can't go wrong when include a personalized touch! They've created a new site called TREAT and if you type in promo code: TRYTREAT before April 28th, you'll get a free card!

Shown to the left is the Madre card from Treat.com with a special guest photobomb from Lil C herself. Throw a little Starbucks or Dunkins Giftcard inside for your mom, she will love it.

Paper Source.
Considering the Paper Source is one of my daughter's favorite places in the world because of its visual appeal as well as a chance to visit with Auntie Chelsee, its a no brainer to stop in and check out their cards since they have great gifts to accompany them.

This card made me chuckle.. ($4.95)
[Even though Tough Guy is usually the one wearing the Baby Ergo when we go to the dog park] 

This Paper Source card if she has green thumb ($4.95)
And some cute present ideas including this Mama Bear mug ($14.95) are also at Paper Source, click here.

ETSY. [duh]

OMG, this card from Able & Game pretty much says it all ($4.00)

Stay your preppy self with this I Heart Mom card from manvsgeorge's Etsy shop. ($3.75) Bonus, its made on 100% recycled paper!
And a cute gift to accompany these Etsy buys? A customized 'Mom' wine glass from ScissorMill's shop. ($18.50)

Since I'm sure you've caused your mother to have a drink or two with your shenanigans anyways...

And since we all know I can't talk about presents without mentioning Tiffany & Co, my favorite pick for mom is this leather envelope in the signature Tiffany Blue. Perfection. ($125.00)

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Hope said...

I want that Mama Bear mug for myself. :p

Katelin said...

yep, i want that tiffany envelope just because it's pretty.

thatShortchick said...

thanks for the treat tip! I *just* placed an order for a card!

Hogger and Co. said...

That "Lift" card is adorable! Lovely picks.